Wedding reception menu ideas

Besides enjoying the event on your big day, your guest is sure to look up to the food on your menu. This makes it an important factor to decide the best food items on your wedding menu list. While it is also important that you need to understand the major part of the wedding budget goes for the food you decide to have on the menu list –be it an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony.

Ask us, and we would say that outdoor wedding reception is the kind of space that offers freedom on how you would like to serve food to your guests.  But always remember that food you serve makes the biggest impact on your guests to remember your wedding eve forever.

Some of the great food ideas for your outdoor wedding are listed below for you to consider

The appetizer is an important part of the menu. This is especially needed if your wedding begins in the earlier part of the day.  Everyone around you will be busy and appetizers become the most essential lifesaver for the people to get moving for the entire day.

You have the wide option under appetizers such as –

  • Bacon-Wrapped Snacks,
  • Cocktail Shooters,
  • Fresh Veggie Platter,
  • Meat Skewers,
  • Mini Hot Dogs and Pickles,
  • Rolled sandwiches
  • Shrimp

Ensure that the appetizers on the menu are fuss-free and the seasonal needs. For instance, during the summer, fresh fruit and vegetables served would make the menu pleasing.

Next is the buffet. The buffet is considered the best choice for any type of wedding reception. It is a more budget-friendly option than paying for each plate. Here you give a choice for your guest to choose what they would like to eat.

A casual wedding menu can be like a picnic-styled buffet to match your wedding feel. Try including items like pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, burgers or grilled chicken sandwiches. Have you tried the menu at  There are some seriously exciting dishes on their menu that are lip-smacking and the guest is sure to enjoy the Japanese cuisine delight with a twist.

While we understand that planning the wedding involves a lot of stressful work with a lot of arrangements to be done to ensure the perfect day. Always try planning the wedding event months before the day. Speak to your loved ones to get ideas of how efficiently the day can be organised. Try bookings to the event organisers to ensure that they take care of every need and ensure you have the beautiful day to remember a lifetime.