How Can You Take Care of Your Taxidermy Pieces? Foods

As someone who is investing in animal trophies for the first time, you should try to maintain them properly and carefully. Doing so will ensure they last for a long time. While some procedures vary depending on whether you have deer mounts, fish or freeze dried turkey heads, these tactics ensure the pieces remain in good shape. 

Clean Every Part Regularly 

Even single trophy is composed of multiple parts you will need clean thoroughly. Some of these parts include: 

  • Fur or skin
  • Antlers 
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Limb

Because these trophies can have delicate skin, fur or scales, you will need to avoid moisture and limit direct touch in general. A feather duster usually removes dust, but you can also use a vacuum or compressed air. Use a brush to fix hair after cleaning. A moist towel works with non-hair parts, while the eyes can be treated with glass cleaner and a cotton swab.  

Keep Them in a Stable Climate

Preserved animals are vulnerable to various environmental elements. Sunlight can break down their color particles and cause them to fade, while high heat and dryness cracks and breaks the skin apart. On the opposite end, moist temperature attracts mold, which can contaminate and ruin your trophies. The best solution is to keep them in a temperature-controlled room that lacks windows. Avoid bringing hot items and liquids to this room to further prevent damage. 

Prevent Potential Infestations

Moths, carpet beetles and similar insects can feed on the trophies’ fur, damaging them. There are several techniques you can use against infestations. If you are putting away the trophies, place them in a dark and dry location that is hostile to insects. Apply a light amount of cloth-safe insect-killing solution approved by taxidermy experts, then carefully wipe it off. If you see early infestations, freeze the trophies for a few days to eliminate the organisms, larvae and eggs. 

Taxidermy animals can make for great house displays, but you will need to maintain them often. These procedures can help you keep them in great condition.