The Varieties Offered by Indian Food

When looking for a restaurant in Oslo Sentrum you have many options to choose from, given its central location in Oslo. Indian food remains one of the most popular international foods and is enjoyed by people worldwide. With a varied and rich history, Indian food offers thousands of dishes for your enjoyment, with each area of the country offering its own unique dishes and approach to the art of cooking. If you’ve never tried Indian food, you are missing out on one of the most interesting culinary styles in the world. Here are just some of the reasons Indian food is so popular.

Diverse Selection

Indian food is very diverse offering an assortment of dishes, ingredients, and spices. No matter if you want mild or very hot, you have options available to suit your taste. In addition, if you have a specialized diet such as being a vegetarian or pescatarian, there are Indian dishes that fit your needs. Your choices can include not only vegetables and fish, but also chicken, beef, and lamb. No matter your palate, diet, or preferences, Indian food has something to offer you.   

Food is Art

Any master chef will tell you that cooking and food is an art. To make a good dish requires you to place the ingredients in the proper order, at the right time, and cook it in the right way. Good cooking requires not just proper timing but proper care. When you’re eating good Indian food you can tell from the first bite that the chef carted about their work and their art. Indian food has centuries of history and has also been touched by other cultures to create even more unique dishes. When food is prepared with a focus on what it represents, you taste only good food but also come to understand the history and culture that has shaped it.   

Regional Tastes

India is a vast country made up of a wide assortment of cultures and languages. The diversity of the country is also reflected in the food. Each region of India has its own food traditions and even within each area of India, there can be different focuses and features of local cuisines.

  • North: in general, North Indian food is one of the most repressed Indian cooking styles and contains very well-known dishes. Some of North India’s most popular foods and styles include naan, tandoori roti (a wholewheat flatbread), rice, creamy curries with mild spices, the use of dairy ingredients such as milk, ghee, and yogurts. Fruits and vegetables also play an important part in North Indian foods.    
  • South: in the south of India, hot foods are well-known. Staples include the use of rice, no matter if it’s boiled, steamed, made into cakes, or served with lentils or ghee. Cooking oils are common with coconut oil being popular with canola and other vegetable oils being used. Some of the most popular dishes include Southern-style chicken curry, Kulambu (a fish curry), various styles of pancakes, rice kheer, and more.
  • West: western Indian food is very diverse with a lot of regional variety. You’ll find everything from spicy vegetarian, meat dishes, breads, sweets, seafood dishes, pork, coconut-based foods, and more. Vegetable oils are common in the region, as is ghee, as a cooking fat. West India is home to Pork Vindaloo, Bhelpuri (a puffed rice dish), Laal Maas (a spicy mutton curry), Ghewar (a circular dessert often covered with sugar syrup), and several others.
  • East: finally, the culinary history of eastern India should not be overlooked as this region offers well-known desserts and simple filling foods. As fitting for a region with high rainfall, East India is home to several rice dishes, fruit, and vegetable dishes. Also, the food of the region makes use of various pastes, chilies, and spices, such as the five blended Paanch Phoran. Milder in spices than other regions, popular dishes include Machcher Jhol (a fish curry), Jhaal-Muri (made with mustard oil and puffed rice), and desserts such as Kheer rice pudding, Rasgolla, a syrup and dumpling dish, and several others.

Final Thoughts

Oslo is home to an assortment of international foods with several selections readily available. If you’ve never considered Indian foods you’re truly missing out on some of the most unique and varied cuisines available anywhere. Once you’ve had good Indian food, you’ll certainly make it a regular part of your diet.