New Ways to Enjoy an Old Favorite

Who doesn’t love pizza? Most people crave and savor the tangy sauce, chewy or crispy crust, melted cheese and tasty toppings. Pizza never gets old. Yet even this old favorite could occasionally use a little makeover with some new toppings, new styles and new variations.

New Toppings

Perhaps you enjoy pepperoni and mushrooms on your pizza or Canadian bacon and green olives, but you don’t have to order your favorites every time. Be open to trying some new toppings. You might enjoy a Hawaiian pizza with prosciutto, grilled pineapple and Gouda cheese or a chicken and broccoli pizza or even a taco pizza. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative.

New Styles

If you want to change up your pizza even more, turn to a brand new style. Chicago style pizza Livingston CA with its deep-dish crust and thick toppings may be just the thing, or you might prefer New York style pizza with its thin, foldable crust. Greek pizza features a heavy sauce and a puffy crust with toppings like black olives and feta cheese. You can even sample Sicilian pizza with its square, crunchy crust and cheese under the sauce.

New Variations

Pizza doesn’t have to be just crust, sauce and toppings. Chefs are always coming up with new variations to this old favorite. Pizza fries feature tangy sauce, cheese and toppings over crispy French fries. Breakfast pizza with eggs, bacon and cheese can be served up on pita bread or rolls. You can mix and heat pizza sauce, cheese and vegetables to create a delicious pizza dip for chips or bread sticks. Pile plenty of cheese, a bit of sauce and pepperoni or Canadian bacon between two thick slices of bread and grill them up for a pizza grilled cheese sandwich. You can even create a dessert pizza with a cookie base and a fruit or ice cream topping. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re willing to experiment a bit, you might discover a few new ways to enjoy your old favorite pizza.