An Early Bird’s Guide to Finding Tasteful Coffee Beans

A true coffee lover knows the importance of well-brewed coffee beans. Even though they are liquified afterwards, it’s all in the beans that determine the taste and health effects.

If you are an early bird, you must be a coffee lover, and there are chances you bulk up your coffee stock every month. Coffee producers or sellers are making reasonable efforts to provide qualified beans.

Moreover, there are high efforts to arrange sufficiently weighed coffee bags for stock keepers. This growth process has increased options for coffee lovers.

As a result, coffees now represent different origins to define their quality, such as a 2 lb bag of whole bean Colombian coffee, which is believed to be the most tasteful.

What are the 3 Unique Qualities of Coffee Beans?

There are a few techniques to judge the quality of coffee beans. Facts determine the overall produced quality, as well as how it would result after a good blending.

Visual appearance

The first impression of coffee beans could be judged by how they look. The appearance of beans talks enough about their originality and refined quality.

If most of the beans in a bag are found fractured or broken, put them on the shelve. Moreover, if you find darker beans, the coffee will taste bitter. The color should be even, and corners should be checked for burn marks.

Check the roasting date.

Most people check for an expiry date, and it is an unrecognized fact that the roasting date matters a lot regarding quality.

At your priority, check for the bags with the roasting date, and you’ll know how much time the bag spent on the shelve, as well as you’ll learn how fresh it is.

Half the taste is in the aroma.

That is true! The coffee beans must be smelled before they have to be purchased. Fresh and good coffee would have an intense depth to its aroma. Moreover, please don’t confuse it with how you feel after smelling it; it is not the essence of aroma but the intensity.

Particular coffee beans may smell unpleasant to you, but that doesn’t mean they are unqualified for a purchase, always go for how concentrated it is.

For How Long Can You Store Whole Coffee Beans?

The answer comes after you have gone through the above-discussed tips. It significantly depends on the freshness of coffee beans.

Numerous coffee beans last significantly longer, and it also depends on the bag’s weight.

If the weight is too much, the coffee might not last. This is because it is common for a coffee bean bag to have defected beans, and in some cases, one defected bean can damage other ones.

The most practical purchase is suggested for a 2 lb bag of whole bean Colombian coffee for durability.

It highly depends on the origin and type of coffee; it is not the case with every whole bean coffee.


Regardless of which type of coffee bean you are using, there are helpful tips to check the quality. As a matter of fact, it is not just about taste and your early morning office drive, but the quality may affect health in various aspects.

Numerous people have been affected by unqualified coffee beans to different health conditions, uplifting debates about coffee consumption. In the end, it’s essential to look out for the best whole coffee beans.