Need simple snacks for your next party? Consider renting a popcorn machine!

Planning a party requires considerable work. You have to decide the food menu, must figure out a venue, if necessary, and ensure that the event is entertaining for the guests. Besides these basics, you need to also get a few snacks, beyond the main course, and what could be a better choice than popcorn. In Toronto, companies like Sizzle Popcorn cotton candy machine rental, and this could be great option along with a 3-course menu.

Why popcorn when there are so many snack options?

Popcorn is probably one of the few things that adults and kids enjoy alike. No matter the nature of your party, people are likely to enjoy popcorn. Compared to most snacks served at parties, popcorn is a healthier choice. You can go for gluten-free popcorn or even whole-grain popcorn if you want. More people are health conscious and like to snack with attention to detail, and in that context, popcorn beats most fried snacks and ready-to-at items. If you get a rental popcorn machine, you can have popcorn ready on the go, and it is possible to serve more than a hundred guests in one hour. Popcorn can be also made with different toppings, so from apple pie, to caramel and selected spices.

How to rent a popcorn machine?

Most companies that rent popcorn machines are likely to charge for the event based on your requirements, but hourly rates are more common. You can share the basic details, like expected number of guests and theme, and they can suggest the number of popcorn machines you may need, with other details. Some machines are larger and can serve as many as 200 guests per hour, but again, it is best to get an estimate from a company and decide accordingly.

Things that matter

Not all popcorn rental options are same, so do your homework. If required, visit the office of the vendor and ask them what else they can offer. Choices of a cotton candy machine, for instance, can be a good addition beyond popcorn. Also, ask about estimates and ensure that there is no room for hidden charges. You may also want to check the market repute of vendor and if they have handled big events, and corporate parties. You can also consider seeking references, if need be.

Get a popcorn machine on rent for your next party – we promise everyone would enjoy the choice!