Here’s The Guide To 5 Best Pizza Places In Troy



Pizza is one of America’s favorite food. It is a relatively inexpensive food that can easily feed masses of people. Pizza is what every kid chooses for their birthday food. Pizza is customizable and delicious. If you are living in Troy, Michigan, you have so many choices for delicious Pizza. From sit down and high-class Pizza to simple Pizza Hut, there are so many options and varieties. Have a child with special eating needs. Pizza is perfect because you can order specialized gluten or meat-free pizzas. Check out these five delicious pizza places in Troy.

Renee’s Gourmet Pizza

Renee’s Gourmet Pizza is a perfect delicious option for Pizza in Troy. This Pizza is entirely gluten-free. So you don’t have to worry about even gluten cross-contamination. So if you have someone in your party with Celiac Disease, then Renees can help you with delicious party food. They offer a couple of varieties from margarita pizza to just basic cheese pizza. Renees has the broadest range of pizza types. They have the traditional cheese pizza, but they also have the specialty pizzas. There claim to fame is their margarita pizza and their taco pizza. 

Peppy’s Pizza

Need more than just Pizza? Peppys offers a couple of different types of Italian foods. Mainly subs and pizzas are what they are well known for. They also offer chicken, ribs, and other kinds of sandwiches. Peppy’s Pizza is as exciting as the name makes it sound. The laid back but upbeat environment is perfect for parties or just for a little fun. They pride themselves in making a restaurant experience that is enjoyable for everyone. They have a wide variety of pizzas and plenty of fun. So if you need an excellent restaurant, then check out Peppy’s Pizza.

Green Lantern Pizza

Looking for a pizza place with delicious Pizza and a rich, exciting history. Green Lantern Pizza offers Pizza that is delicious and late at night. Have you been kicked out of the bar at closing? Need a snack before going home. Walk your way to Green Lantern Pizza for a delicious meal. 

Green Lantern has been around for fifty-five years. So they have their pizza game entirely on point. During the prohibition era of the United States, a green lantern would be outside of businesses that were selling illegal alcohol. That green lantern history is what bore the Green Lantern Pizza. And here they are fifty-five years later with their green lantern still flying high. 

They have everything from basic pepperoni pizza to gluten-free and vegan pizza. Green lantern serves pizzas in a variety of sizes, and can completely customize their pizzas also. Their dough and products are fresh and delicious. Along with delicious Pizza, they have reasonable prices. They pride themselves in offering Pizza, which is so nicely priced that every single person wants to check out the Green Lantern can afford to do so. So if you are looking for a great place to have Pizza, then go to Green Lantern.

Tony’s Pizzeria

For another great pizza in Troy place, check out Tony’s Pizzeria. The name Tony is about as Italian as it gets and embraces its rich history in the pizza industry. America is the melting pot of cultures, and Tony’s Pizzeria adds a little bit of Italian to the mix. Tony’s Pizza offers everything from breadsticks to Pizza and even wings and other classic Italian entrees. They have delicious pastas and salads. 

Mod Pizza

For a more casual environment that can be a quick option on a Tuesday for lunch is Mods Pizza. Instead of having an extensive menu to choose from, this pizza palace offers individual personal pan-sized Pizza. They only provide Pizza on demand. So it is the Subway for Pizza. You come into the store, choose your toppings, and then they bake it and serve it right there on the spot. Or get it to go if you are in a hurry. They have everything from gluten-free to vegan and can offer you a delicious pizza. 


When looking for Pizza in Troy, Michigan, you have to check out these five local restaurants. All of these restaurants offer a wide variety of Pizza. There really is something for everyone. Italian food is a delicious addition to the American type of culture. From traditional sit down to enjoy Pizza at Renee’s to the classic Green lantern, there is something for all occasions. Or if you need just a quick and simple lunch, then try Mod Pizza. There are so many places to try Pizza in Troy. But be sure that you check out the historical and delicious Green Lantern Pizza.