Essential Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Menu

Your restaurant menu is one of the first things that your guests interact within your restaurant. It is your first chance to make a good a good impression. If your menu is wordy, difficult to understand, or full of irrelevant pictures, it may affect the general user experience. The right menu should be precise and clear. It should fit into your brand seamlessly. The right menu may have a significant impact on your revenue. You may use it to draw attention to your most profitable food items. The following are some of the most important things to consider when designing your menu.

  • Consider Eye Movement Patterns

Over the years, restaurants have been using the ‘sweet spot’ to improve their revenues. Menu engineering experts suggest that when guests are reading a menu, their eyes naturally start at the middle and move to the top right and then the top left. It is referred to as ‘The Golden Triangle.’ Others argue that the eyes naturally gravitate to the top right. Use this information to your advantage by having high-profit items in the sweet spot.

  • Use Photos

Use attractive photos to get the attention of your guests. However, you should only use them sparingly. Using a few photos of professional quality makes your restaurant seem high-end. Generally, you should use your photos to spark the imagination. Do not take away all the imagination.

  • Minimize the Use of Currency Signs

Currency signs remind your guests that they are spending money. It may reduce your revenue. Customers are likely to spend lots of money when they don’t have a constant reminder of it. Avoid listing your prices in a single column to minimize comparison.

  • Minimize the Burden of Choice

Studies suggest that you should try to find the perfect balance between too many and too few choices. If you have too many choices, it may be difficult for your guests to make a decision. Ensure that all items on your list are unique. It should be easy for your guests to make a decision. If, for example, you serve steak, having three steak options is unnecessary. Your guests may have a hard time choosing between two similar items. Having too many options may lower your revenue.

  • Divide it Logically

Divide your menu into logical sections. That way, your customers can easily find the dishes they want. Arrange items starting with appetizers and down to dessert. You may use boxes to highlight certain items or groups on your menu.

  • Choose the Right Colors

Choose colours that match your theme, desired effect, and your target audience. Your menu is a part of your restaurant and it should blend in. different colours may stimulate different colours. Consider using bright colours to highlight certain items on your menu. Generally, your restaurant menu should have warm and inviting colours.

Having the right menu is just the first step towards running a profitable restaurant. Consider hiring Dawnvale to get a restaurant design that is efficient, profitable, and attractive to your customers.