Make your children’s favourite junk food healthy and power-packed with Fortune Soya Chunks

One thing that leaves all mothers worried is how to add the necessary protein and nutrition to everyday meals. Children are fussy eaters, and they are attracted to all kinds of junk food. Pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and their likes, usually get the children running to the table. Wondering how can you recreate these dishes at home while ensuring you are serving them a healthy, power-packed meal? 

The answer is simple – Fortune Soya Chunks. Be it any kind of fast food, Fortune Soya Chunks has 52% protein content which makes the dish a powerhouse for their body. It comes in three different variants– Fortune Soya Chunks, Fortune Soya Granules, and Fortune Soya Mini Chunks. Here are some ideas on how you can make yumdaar and dumdaar dishes at home: 

  • Soya Pizza – Top that pizza with Fortune Soya Mini Chunks along with some cheese and veggies. You can even make Soya Kheema version using Fortune Soya Granules. 
  • Soya Kathi Roll – A roll that has everything tasty, but also that protein factor. Prepare the filling with Fortune Soya Chunks, onions, capsicum, and some mild spices as well. Roll it up with some chutney and watch the magic unfold.
  • Soya Hamburgers – Worried about all the bread? Balance it out by prepping a soya patty made with Fortune Soya Granules and pan-fry it to make it healthy. 
  • Soya Noodles – Noodles are another hit with the children. Toss in few Fortune Soya Chunks along with the other veggies to make sure they get their daily dose of protein. 

By simply adding an easy, healthy twist you can be rest assured that your children won’t say no. Fortune Soya Chunks are very versatile and go with almost any kind of dish. Not to mention the abundant benefits attached to it. Being 99% fat-free and having 15x more protein than milk, it lets you give your family the necessary power and strength they need for the entire day. Many mothers swear by Fortune Soya Chunks as the perfect meal replacer at home. So, what are you cooking up with Fortune Soya Chunks today?