Few cake decorating tips for beginners

If baking has always been your passion, you know that you should not neglect the opportunity to learn more about cake decorating. Although for some, this skill comes naturally, others need to learn it from the professionals. So before you start accepting orders from your family and friends you should learn more about cake decorating and what techniques should you know first. 

Your Cake Is A Masterpiece

Know that all of the master bakers out there started from scratch. They were beginners once upon a time. That is why you should not be afraid to take cake decorating seriously. But you must understand that you should never take this as a ‘job.’ Do this because this is your passion. That is why with every cake you make, consider it as your masterpiece. Something that you can be proud of. 

Expect to Fail

Nobody entered the baking and cake decorating industry as an expert. All of them started as first-time cake decorators too. So if you think that how you decorate a cake today is not at par with what you expect, then you should practice more until you can say that what you made is worth sharing. Yes, it’s going to be a mess at first, but the more you do it, the better you become. You will soon find where you are good at cake decorating.

Learn From Professionals

If you know that learning more about cake decorating is what you need, that should not be a problem because these days, you can now enroll in different cake decorating courses online. The internet has surely made people’s lives easier. And now, even enrolling in different cake decorating classes has become more convenient. Remember that in this industry, learning is constant.

Cake Decorating Tips

As a beginner, it helps if you have a guide on what you should learn first. And that is similar to cake decorating. So if you are just starting out with cake decorating, here are some pro-techniques to start with:


  • The Frosting. This might be the most complicated to learn, but definitely worth your time and effort. The buttercream frosting is the most preferred for stacked and sculpted cakes and even for cupcakes. 



  • Homemade Fondant. In case you are running out of fondant, do not fret because you can make some at home. All you need are melted marshmallows and some powdered sugar. Mix this with your store-bought fondant and it will work like magic. 



  • Always Use A Scale. This might seem obvious, but many new bakers fail to use a scale when baking. If you notice, most professional bakers and decorators always measure by weight. This is one of the must-have tools every cake decorator should have. 



  • Invest in Professional Pans. Of course, you can always use your cheap baking pans, but if you want professional-looking cakes, then you should invest in professional pans because you can never go wrong with them.


Becoming a professional cake decorator is not going to be an easy journey. But if you love what you are doing, you know that all the hard work and patience is going to pay off. So start learning what you can at home and combine it with what you learn from professional cake decorators.