How To Organize Your Household Supplies

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of household supplies you have to deal with every day? There are ways to organize food, cleaning supplies, toiletries and other products to make them more manageable and easy to access. Read on for some ideas.

Food Blues

If your cupboards and refrigerator are overflowing and giving you the too-much-food blues, then it’s time to get organized. Designate specific cupboards and shelves for certain items. Get rid of bulky packaging by purchasing stackable boxes and filling them with granola bars, hot cereal packets and the like. Pour chips, cereal, flour, sugar and coffee into plastic containers that fit neatly together. In the refrigerator, organize shelves with convenient trays to hold produce, snack foods, cheeses and meats. Consider pouring juices into single-portion bottles so that kids can grab them easily. Just make sure you have secure closures for bottles to avoid spills.

Cleaning Clutter

Get rid of cleaning clutter by storing all your cleaning products in one or two places, perhaps under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Line up containers neatly, using open trays to keep everything in place. If you use pods for the laundry, you could eliminate awkward boxes by putting the pods into slim plastic containers that make good use of vertical space. Also, designate a kitchen or bathroom drawer for all your sponges, cleaning cloths and scrubbers.

Toiletry Troubles

You can avoid toiletry troubles by getting organized. Designate a shelf or half a shelf, in the linen closet for each family member’s supplies, and provide a plastic box so they can keep their things together. Shared items can go on another shelf along with towels and other necessities. If you have a medicine cabinet, give each family member a shelf or part of a shelf, and reserve one for items used by the whole family.

You can conquer your overflowing supplies by getting organized and staying that way, so get started right away.