Common Terminologies to Remember When Ordering Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most high-demand purchases around the holiday season. A liquor shop in Littleton, CO, is seen to have bustling crowds and booming business.

Most of the legal adult population in Colorado has consumed alcohol bought at a liquor shop englewood co. Colorado is one of the heaviest-drinking states in the country, with 61% of people reporting alcohol consumption.

Despite having such a high level of alcohol consumption, many do not know the terminologies associated with ordering or describing their drinks. So, keep these ordering tips handy the next time you go out for a fun night!

On the rocks

You’ve probably heard this infamous term the most. “On the rocks” implies serving a straight spirit on ice. It helps slow dilution, unlike soda or water, allowing one to savor the drink thoroughly.

Straight up

Any drink ordered straight up is either shaken or stirred with ice. Ordering a drink straight up might confuse people, given that “straight” can often mean “direct.” But a straight-up drink is usually gently swirled in ice and then strained through a mesh to be served in a chilled glass. 


A neat drink is a room-temperature drink served without any addition, not even ice. This is usually how seasoned alcohol consumers drink expensive varieties of whiskey and bourbon. These are, however, not to be confused with shots. Shots are straight spirits of relatively cheaper alcohols in small quantities that do not require savoring.


Making a “dirty” drink involves changing its color and flavor slightly by adding other ingredients. A Dirty Martini, for example, is prepared by diluting the vodka with olive juice and flavoring it with salt, making the drink appear slightly cloudy.

With a Twist

The zest from citrus fruits makes for a great cocktail garnish. This “twist” is lemon unless the consumer requests lime or orange. Zests release oil from the fruit peel into the drink, giving it a pleasant scent. This is an easy cocktail and makes the consumption of strong spirits easier.

Shaken and stirred drinks

Most drinks are created by mixing the components with ice and then filtering or leaving the ice in the drink. Drinks that are shaken with ice provide more aeration and dilution. This is an excellent choice for citrusy beverages. On the other hand, stirred drinks are mixed with ice, making the flavor smoother. This works well with dark or strong alcoholic beverages.


Want to buy a liquor bottle from a liquor shop littleton co, but use it to spice your meal up a little? Go the French way and opt for a fancy little bottle of aperitif. This is a drink that is consumed before a meal. It is known to fuel your appetite before a big dinner.


A Digestif, as the name may suggest, is usually consumed after a meal. However, many drink it before a meal as well. Nevertheless, these are alcohols that are said to aid digestion. 

Summing Up

Consuming alcohol the right way is a rewarding experience. Keep this glossary of terms handy to make the best of your time, so you know what to get. It is also helpful when you are hosting a group of people. Understanding an individual’s alcohol preferences equips you to make the right drink for them. 

There are many more terms associated with liquor. Nevertheless, for any beginner, these should do the trick!