Facial rejuvenation – how to rejuvenate your face at home?

Everyone would like to keep their young and vital appearance as long as possible. Unfortunately, with age, irreversible changes occur in the body: collagen production decreases, wrinkles begin to appear; skin becomes loose and loses its glow. However, there are home remedies that can slow down these processes, prevent them from happening, and even reduce and undo some of  the adverse effects of ageing that have already occurred. Check out how to rejuvenate your face by following the rules listed below.

Take care of yourself from the inside

How the inside of your body is treated is reflected outside the body as well. The basis for the preservation of long-term beauty is adequate hydration and healthy nutrition. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day, eat a portion of vegetables or fruit with every meal. Avoid eating simple sugars such as in sweets and drinking alcohol. Stop smoking cigarettes! In addition, take care of the right amount of sleep and sleep hygiene. The facial skin regenerates itself mostly at night.

The magic of active ingredients contained in cosmetics and supplements

Wrinkles are an element that has a special impact on the appearance of the face. Their great amount makes it look older. It has been proven that most of the emerging wrinkles correspond to the harmful UV radiation. Contrary to popular belief, it affects the complexion not only in summer during sunny days, but all year round, even when it is cloudy. In addition, it can penetrate into the interior of the rooms. For this reason you should use SPF 50 sunscreen every day as a permanent part of your skincare routine in order to prevent the formation of new wrinkles and shallow those that have already appeared. There are substances that have been tested and have proven to have anti-aging properties. It is retinol, which effectively smoothes wrinkles, prevents the appearance of new lines, has an anti-acne effect and improves skin tone. To ensure its effectiveness, it should be introduced into the care gradually, starting with small concentrations in cosmetics and used at a small frequency, which with observation of the normal tolerance of the facial skin can be increased over time.

When using retinol, remember that even at a low concentration, it is crucial to use a high-factor filter and stop tanning in the sun or using tanning beds! Facial rejuvenation becomes easier when you also use creams and serums with vitamin C, which enhances the effect of sunscreen and reduces discoloration. Skin supplements are another aid in the process of facial skin rejuvenation.

Facial massage to get rid of wrinkles

Regular facial massages support blood and lymph circulation and stimulate collagen production, the skin is firm and wrinkles fade away. There are many instructions online that explain what movements to perform on a specific type of sulcus. There are also massages to emphasise the jawline and cheekbones or reduce a double chin. For massaging, you can use your own, gua sha stones or special rollers, depending on your preferences.

All you need is a little massage oil or greasy cream and you can get down to it!