Best Wine with Russia Wine Delivery

Russia has become one of the hot spots on the world wine tourism map. Largely thanks to the organizers of the Wine Day, which in 19 years has become an international event that attracts thousands of visitors. This year, due to quarantine restrictions, some of the events have moved to the virtual plane.

The National Bureau of Vine and Wine emphasizes that the reason for the modest harvest this year was unfavorable weather conditions, including spring frosts, abnormally low temperatures in May, hail,and severe drought. At the same time, the volume of available stocks of win

e products at the enterprises, for instance, chateau le grand vostok coincides with the last year’s amount and is about 18 million decaliters, which will allow Russian winemakers this year to meet the demand on both local and international markets.

The ordering algorithm of russian wine delivery is as follows: leave an order on the site, after registration the participant receives an invitation by email. At the indicated time, the participants gather in a group and enjoy samples of the best wines from Moldova, accompanied by commentary from famous sommeliers of European countries. The organizers plan to establish channels for promoting testing of Russian wines in Asia, Australia, the USA, and other continents.

The company’s business is based on the concept of “fair price”:

  • direct imports;
  • relationships with suppliers built over the years.

In half of the cases, the cost on the shelf competes with the European and even the world one. This means that being in any country of the world, there is an opportunity to buy great wines at the best price. There are many methods of limiting the impact of commercial communication, from avoiding the use of humor and glamor and other aspects attractive to young people.