5 Must-Try Cheese Curd Breakfast Recipes


Cheese curds may be the most underrated dairy product, so I would be amazed if you’ve ever thought about cheese curd recipes before now. People often find the rubbery texture of cheese curds extremely delightful or appalling there is no in-between.

Either way, many of us like to eat cheese curds, raw over fried, just because it’s “healthy, but while we are in quarantine during this pandemic, it’s the perfect time to explore the variety of delicious cheese curd recipes out there.

Cheese curds are a super ingredient to have on hand right now; they are full of nutrition and surprisingly versatile. These mild, protein-packed curds can be used to make different recipes from poutine, pasta, curry and salads.

Once you find out the versatility of these curds, you might even try serving it to those who don’t find cheese curds appealing.

Raw cheese curds are a great source of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a healthier option for breakfast or snacks. During this quarantine, we might have become lazy and we hardly think of maintaining a proper diet and exercise. So, cheese curds are the best option to include in our diet as it can help us maintain our weight.

So, with no delay, let me share some of my favorite cheese curd breakfast recipes, that are perfect to start your day.

Cheese Curd Salad

What can be healthier than cheese curds for breakfast? The answer is cheese curd salad. Adding some fruits and cheese curds will make your breakfast more delicious and healthy.

To make this salad, you can use any seasonal fruits; I usually like to add apples because the crunchiness of apple and rubbery texture of cheese curds make a perfect combination. To make it more flavorful, add some walnuts, grapes, or celery. Mix the fruits and curds and season it with few drops of lemon.



A Canadian favorite and loved by people around the world – how can we forget poutine when it comes to cheese curds. A combination of beautiful flavors and textures all in a single bowl.

Cook some crispy French fries, season with small pieces of cheese curds and pour some hot gravy on top – A delicious poutine is ready to eat.

If you get bored with the gravy, you can use sour cream instead for a different variation. For extra seasoning, veggies are always a great option.


Cheese Curd Burger

If you are looking for a heavy breakfast, then you can try a cheese curd burger. I assure you it won’t disappoint you.

Cook your burger as you used to and to finish it with some twist during topping. Add cheese curds and crispy ham on top of burger and enjoy your cheese curd burger. You can even completely replace the burger patty with cheese curds. Your taste buds will indeed thank you for such a delicious treat.

Cheese Curd roll

Cheese curd roll is another recipe that you must try! Take some cheese curds, scramble them and season with salt, pepper, ginger and garlic. Heat a pan and add, ginger, garlic, tomato, and cashews. Cook them in low heat and add the scrambled cheese curds.

Now take a tortilla, add the filling we just prepared and roll it. You are all set to enjoy the flavorful cheese curd roll.