Your Gourmet Guide to New York City Foods

New York is, without question, one of the world’s greatest cities. For centuries, a uniquely prominent position has made this metropolis a magnet for immigrants. Each batch of newcomers contributes to the city’s extraordinary culture, including the rich variety of foods enjoyed by all New Yorkers.

The Culinary Capital

NYC’s claim to fame is that there’s something for everyone, and the food is no exception. With over 35,000 restaurants, delis and bodegas, New York chefs truly cater to all tastes. Whether you crave exotic delicacies, a real down-home barbecue ribs restaurant North Brooklyn NY or the world’s best sandwich, you have more options than you could try in a lifetime.

City Specials

As new cultures make their mark on New York City, so the city shares its culture with the world. An astounding number of familiar foods were born in the Five Boroughs, especially in ethnic enclaves.

New York’s celebrated deli tradition was started by Lower Manhattan’s Jewish immigrants serving sandwiches piled with pastrami and corned beef. They also brought the bagel, which became a breakfast favorite across the country and beyond. Meanwhile, that most American of foods, pizza arrived across town in Little Italy. This history hardly scratches the surface of the city’s cosmopolitan cooking.

Street Food City

Foodies in search of the Big Apple’s best eats might find them on its streets. NYC is known for its fast-paced, 24/7 lifestyle. Even in the midst of their constant motion, people still have to eat.

Historically, the most ubiquitous street staple were hotdogs, conventionally sold from pushcarts and served with sauerkraut, mustard and onions. Just as prevalent today are halal carts selling chicken or lamb over rice with salad and sauce.

Recently, a bodega classic, the chopped cheese sandwich has become wildly popular. Having totally homegrown origins, this fusion food symbolizes the new cuisine created by multicultural New Yorkers.

Not only is New York America’s largest city, it’s also the crossroads of the world. From kitchens to kiosks, a dynamic food scene reflects this reality. For $5 or $500, amazing meals are always available in the Big Apple.