Wine Tasting Etiquette: What To Know Before You Go From Your Food

So you signed up for a wine tasting. Whether it is your first time or twentieth, getting ready for the event has a few details you need to know. Before you attend any tasting, make sure you understand the types of tastings, what to do during and once you finish.

Types of Tastings 

Before any tasting event, you need to know the different types of tastings. When you are getting started, you will choose a horizontal or vertical tasting. A horizontal tasting lets you sample a variety of wines from the same year. This type will help you taste the difference between a range of wines. A vertical tasting lets you taste one wine throughout the years, giving you a clearer understanding of vintages.

During the Event

Once you arrive at the event, found your seat and selected your tasting, it is time for the fun to begin. Wine tasting comes down to the five s’s, see, swirl, sniff, sip and savor. When you first get your wine, hold it up to the light to observe the colors. Next, swirl the wine to introduce oxygen and open up the flavors. Take a quick sniff before taking your first sip. Finally, savor the flavors as you look for balance in the taste.

After Finishing

Throughout your tasting, you should sip water to help stay hydrated and protect your teeth from staining. However, after your tasting is complete, be sure to have a ride ready as you should consider yourself unfit to drive. Before you go, stop by the shop and pick up some of your favorites to help you bring your tasting home with you. Don’t forget to look up wine resources New York to help you start planning your next event.

As you enjoy your tasting, remember to drink responsibly and have fun.