3 Top Reasons Why People Drink Coffee

Saying Americans love coffee is an understatement. In the United States, approximately 7 in 10 people drink coffee every week, and around 62% consume it every day. While many consumers enjoy their cup of Joe early in the morning, others prefer drinking theirs at other times.

When do you drink coffee, and why? What do you do while you are drinking it? Are you the kind of person who sips a mocha at his or her computer, or do take your coffee black while you sit on the front porch and listen to the birds sing? On the other hand, maybe you prefer to sling your coffee down to wake up before a long overnight shift at work. If you have ever wondered what the top activities of java lovers are after they order coffee Holualoa HI, then today’s your lucky day. Without further ado, here are three of the top reasons why people turn to their daily brew.

  1. Waking Up

Whether you take time to slowly wake up with the early sun or you prepare for working the late night hours every evening, using coffee as a way to wake up before work is a top reason people set their coffee makers every day.

  1. Studying

There is no question about it: Coffee can stimulate the mind. Just as it can wake you up in the morning, it can also perk up your attention when you feel a wave of exhaustion hit you during a study session.

  1. Socializing

If you have never met a friend for coffee, you are truly missing out. Indeed, one of the top reasons Americans decide to drink coffee is because it provides the perfect opportunity for catching up with friends or colleagues.

Without a doubt, coffee is widely popular, and for good reason: It serves many functional purposes.