The Workout Options and the Right Diet

We cannot emphasize it often enough. When you exercise, make sure that you maintain a good balance between rest, nutrition and training. It is so important! If you have a good balance between sports, food and rest, you will find that you recover much better after an effort, and therefore achieve your sports goals more easily. Whether losing weight, achieving muscle growth, improving your condition or just feeling good, you will not get there without a good balance. The use of white rice vs. brown rice nutrition is also there.

Why is recovery so important?

In sports, recovery is perhaps even more important than the training itself. During the training you make an effort, sometimes going to the extreme. You go one step further than you are used to. This will damage your muscles a little. By resting enough after the training and taking the right food, you give your body the chance to repair the damage. Your body makes itself resistant to the next intense effort. This allows you to go one step further next time, and you will become stronger or faster.

What is a good balance?

What a good balance between rest, nutrition and training is different for everyone. It all depends on your body, condition, health, energy needs and your training goals. Do you want to lose weight? Then you have a different diet and training schedule than when you want to achieve muscle growth. One person also needs more sleep, for example, than another. The most important thing is that you create a rhythm for yourself in which you can challenge yourself and work towards your goals, and in which you are rested and feel relaxed. If your schedule is not realistic, or does not suit you at all, you will only feel stressed. Because of this, you might start cutting, or you sleep poorly because you put yourself under unnecessarily high pressure. You will at least achieve your training goals much less easily than if you live according to a training, eating and sleeping rhythm that suits you well.

Do you find it difficult to find a good balance between training, rest and nutrition for yourself? Then make an appointment with one of our personal trainers. They can help you with this by drawing up a personalized training and nutrition schedule with you.

Is nutrition or training the key to success?

Nutrition and training are both important links in the waste process. But what will eventually cause the number on the scales to fall? Yes, that is really healthy food. Get the water bottles, fruits and different vegetables at home. For full body workout vs.split for weight loss comparison, you need to understand the basis of the trainings also.

What do you get?

You arrive when you consume more calories than you burn. If you want to lose some kilos, it is first and foremost useful to gain insight into what you eat and drink. With some products – such as ready-made meal salads you think you are healthy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Discover which food is good for your body.

The 75/25 rule

At Perfect Training we use the 75/25 rule. You achieve 75% of your goal by eating healthy. Basically, healthy food is the same for everyone. Nutrition schedules are nevertheless tailor-made at Perfect Training. This is because it varies per person how many calories a person needs to have enough energy during the day. Are you a man or a woman? Do you have intensive work, which means that you burn more than average? And how often do you train per week? Based on these types of questions, your personal training schedule will be drawn up by a nutrition expert.