The Uses of the Cooking Recipe App

This is a Cooking Recipe App which is called by many the “Ultimate Recipe Management System” since it gives you the ability to do many things. 

What it helps

This recipe software program gives any chef the ability to:

  • Search for and then capture internet recipes with 1-click
  • Enter easily your very personal recipes
  • Easy meal planning with a visual menu planner
  • Helps auto-generate grocery list
  • Calculates nutrition of each recipe
  • Capture and sync Pinterest recipes
  • Scan recipes that are printed

Other functions

Other functions included with this app are:

  • Help discover brand recipes with “live recipe feed”
  • Use “snip-it” to capture recipes from the blog
  • Imports recipes from MS Word
  • Shares recipes in various social media accounts

Organizes your own recipes 

This app will help any person to organize all their recipes. It is simply the best solution to organize all your personal recipes you inherited from your mother. When you have entered all your personal recipes into this app you will be able to:

  • Develop a family Cookbook
  • Easily share recipes with others
  • Create menus and meal plans
  • Enhance these recipes by adding stories and photos
  • Get the facts on nutrition for your recipes

Ease in finding what you need

No more putting all your recipes in a box, or stuffed into a container, or other items your mother might have used which makes it hard to find something you need quickly. But with all your family recipes organized in this app, it becomes quite easy to find what you are looking for fast.

Enjoy the new Visual Menu Planner

This app helps with making custom meal plans and menus. All you need to do is drag then drop recipes as well as food items to plan your meal. You even have the ability to insert menus inside other menus. For example make a meal of spaghetti with French bread, a side dish of a salad, and beverage – then merely drop that planned meal under the “dinner” label for Friday night! It is just that simple.

Recoup investment

This recipe app makes it so easy for anyone who cooks to merge favorite Pinterest recipes with the recipes that you have typed, captured, scanned, and imported into the software. You have complete and total control of all levels of detail and the period of your menu.