The Top Seafood Restaurants in Norway

If you are visiting Norway in the near future, you are probably thinking about trying some delicious food. Even though Norway has a wide variety of restaurants that provide a delicious menu, you cannot pass up the opportunity to try some fresh seafood. The seafood in Norway is some of the best in the world, which is why you need to make sure you go to the best restaurants when you visit. With so many options from which to choose, how can you select the right seafood option to meet your needs? Take a look at a few of the most popular ones below, and see if you can work them into your trip. 

1. Fiskeruta

Without a doubt, one of the best seafood restaurants you need to try during your trip to Norway is Fiskeruta. This is a seafood restaurant that is known for its unparalleled customer service and quality. All of their seafood is fresh, and they prepare the meals using only the finest ingredients. Furthermore, they have some of the most experienced chefs in the industry. When you walk in, the friendly wait and service staff will greet you immediately. They will also walk you through the menu so you understand exactly what everything is. They will also let you know if they have any specials, which you should certainly not overlook. If you are looking for the best seafood restaurant in Norway, consider visiting Fiskeruta. 

2. Ruffino

Another seafood restaurant you should try is called Ruffino. It is located in Oslo, and you can enjoy some amazing scenery as you eat. This is an authentic Italian seafood restaurant, so you may not expect to find Italian food in Norway; however, this restaurant has a giant seafood menu that encourages you to dine for multiple courses. That makes this restaurant one of the most popular ones in the city. Regardless of whether you are looking for sea bass, prawns, or scallops, you can find just about anything on this menu. Of course, you should also enjoy some delicious wine that has been imported straight from Italy. 

3. Fjord Restaurant

If you want to feel like you are eating seafood right in the middle of the ocean, then you should try to visit Fjord Restaurant at some point during your journey. The interior is dark, and it will make you feel like you are on a Viking ship off the coast of Norway. The restaurant encourages you to stay for a five-course seafood meal. They have some of the best chefs in the industry, and they can cook up just about anything you want. A few options you may want to consider include whale, cod, halibut, squid, and muscles. Every plate is prepared perfectly, and they change the menu from time to time. Therefore, you may want to come back a few times to see what else they have. 

4. Lofotsua Restaurant

Eating seafood is also about the scenery, so if you are looking for a delicious outdoor restaurant to enjoy, you may want to check out Lofotsua. The fish served at this restaurant will change from time to time, so you may want to ask them what is fresh and in season. Regardless, they have one of the largest menus available, so you can find anything you want, including native Norwegian fish. If you are looking for something new to try, you should jump into the deep end by visiting Lofotsua for a memorable seafood feast that will open up your palate.

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Experience

Because there are so many seafood restaurants in Norway, you should try to hit multiple of these stops during your trip. Try to order something different at every restaurant. That way, you can experience different aspects of Norwegian cuisine. If you are having a difficult time finding a restaurant, you may want to call them ahead of time to see if you can make a reservation. You are not the only person trying to eat at these amazing establishments, so you should plan as early as possible. That way, you can make sure you do not miss out on an unforgettable experience when you go to these seafood restaurants in Norway.