How to create an attractive menu based on golden breaded chicken?

Coated chicken delights with its crispiness and golden color. Juicy meat, distinctive flavour… American style chicken in a golden, crispy and appetisingly frayed coating. Who does not love it? It is loved by both children and adults.  Perfect for salads, sandwiches and as a separate dish. The perfect basis for creating a full menu in your restaurant.

Coating for chicken by Holly Powder – the key ingredient of juicy American style chicken.

Preparing chicken in a crispy, golden coating is very simple. You just need to have access to the highest quality products. Marinade and chicken coating – they are responsible for the flavor, color, proper texture. You don’t have to create your own composition of herbs and spices or experiment with the types of coating for chicken. It is enough to use ready solutions available on the market.

You can find them in the offer of coating producer Holly Powder. Ready coating for chicken and marinades offered by the brand are perfectly composed mixtures, thanks to which you can easily prepare chicken of perfect crispness, juiciness and flavour. Not only your customers will love it, but your whole team will too. Why? Because using the coating for chicken Holly Powder is convenient and easily repeatable, satisfying effect.

Chicken coating – a proven way to make a crispy dish.

Marinating in “point” with Holly Powder mixture and using chicken coating of this brand guarantees (always the same) attractive taste, appropriate juiciness and saltiness as well as pleasant spiciness and aromatic smell of meat.

After frying the coating is crispy and appetizingly jagged. It adheres perfectly to the meat. No additional products such as eggs, salt, pepper or other spices need to be used in breadcrumbs. This is not only a major convenience, but also saves money and is easy to use.

You really need fried chicken coating!

Ready-made  chicken coating mix is a great starting point for making strips. Strips – pieces of poultry meat cut into strips, marinated and breaded are one of the favorite street food snacks.

Strips can also be used as a basis for preparation of many delicious dishes, e.g. burgers, convenient in serving to take away or for delivery. The chicken pieces look great in a bucket and are often ordered in this form.  They also go well with side dishes such as fries or onion rings.

Coating mix for meat, chicken and… many possibilities

You can use strips to create burgers or delicious sandwiches. Warm bread, fresh vegetables, aromatic sauces and crunchy, filling chicken pieces are a perfect snack for lunch. Chicken burgers are a nutritious, tasty and popular dish, which you can conveniently pack to take away.

Fried chicken goes well with a variety of toppings. Yellow cheese, pickled cucumber, red onion… the list of additives is really long. You can create your own compositions or use ready recipes. Holly Powder has prepared free recipes for its customers for dishes based on breaded chicken pieces.

Quesadilla, tortilla, salad – with chicken, that is a delicious variety.

Strips play well not only with a roll, but also with wrap-type pancakes. By combining strips and tortilla with lettuce, tomato, cucumber or cheese, for example, you can easily prepare this delicious and trendy dish. A tortilla or quesadilla is an attractive alternative to the popular burgers.

A tortilla with chicken and fresh vegetables is associated with a healthy, light snack, as is a salad. Strips cut into small pieces plus juicy, crunchy vegetables with the addition of aromatic olive oil or herbal dressing is a dish worth adding to the menu of any restaurant. Fit salad with chicken is an ideal option, which will be appreciated by both fans of fast cooking and those who watch their weight.

Crispy chicken coating, which tastes good to everyone.

Chicken in golden, crispy coating is a base on which you can prepare a varied menu for your catering premises. Strips are a snack that adults and children will reach for with appetite. Depending on the form of serving and additions you can create a whole range of attractive and appetizing dishes that will surely appeal to your customers.