Perfect Grind Size of Coffee Beans to Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee Brew

The size of the coffee grind decides the type of coffee that the coffee beans can help you enjoy. Not all coffee types are brewed with the same kind of coffee grind. Hence, finding the ideal grind for your favorite coffee type is your first step to enjoy tasty coffee. 

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Here are some of the coffee grinds and their sizes for you. 

Extra Coarse Grind 

These grind types are ideal for usage in the burr grinder. The coffee beans are ground slightly and some beans will retain their original texture even after being subjected to grinding. The brew is ideal for preparing cowboy-style and cold brew coffees. 

Medium Coarse Grind 

The grind size of the coffee beans here is a bit coarser and is ideal for preparing the coffee in the coffeemakers. The texture of the coffee grind will resemble that of sand particles and can offer the best tasting coffee that drips slowly through the dense filter papers. The grind is ideal for preparing Chemax and Café Solo. 

Coarse Grind 

The ground coffee beans with the texture of sea salt or Kosher are known as coarse grind beans. People who love percolators and the French press can enjoy this brew. 

Medium Fine Grind 

For a richer and bolder flavor of the coffee, a medium fine coarse grind is an ideal choice. The slower pour process will bring out the complete flavor of the beans to the decoction and you can enjoy a rich coffee-flavored drink. 

Medium Grind 

The dry sand-like texture will be found in the coffee beans after they are ground in the case of medium grind beans. You will find these coffee grinds in the supermarkets. This coffee grind type can offer strong and aromatic coffee for coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite drink. 

Fine Grind 

Fine-grind coffee beans are the coffee beans that are ground to the powdered form but yet look like smooth sand particles. This grind type is also known as the espresso grinds and is available in pre-ground bags. 

Extra Fine Grind 

Extra fine ground coffee beans are the smooth forms of coffee beans and the powder will resemble that of the flour or powder. Turkish coffee lovers can choose this type of coffee grind. 

All these above-mentioned coffee bean grinds can be prepared at home with the right type of brewers. You can find a coffee grinding machine that can grind the coffee beans according to the coffee drink of your choice. Go through all the available options in any particular coffee beans grinding machine and find the one that fits your preferences. Some of the grinding machines are even available with multiple coffee beans grinding options as well.