Mistakes to avoid while making cocktail

While organizing small party or get together at home, many people prefer to make cocktail at their home. Obviously making a cocktail may sound to be easy. But in order to come up with the best flavored cocktail, one must avoid certain mistakes while making it. Some of the most common mistakes done by beginners while making cocktail are revealed here. The people who want their first cocktail to be the best can make use of the following discussion. 


In many cases, people who are making cocktail at home will not prefer to add bitter. But it is to be noted that a cocktail without bitter will be plain. Hence they can prefer to add bitter to retrieve the original taste of a cocktail. One must make sure to buy the best quality bitter in order to make the drink interesting. In case if they are unable to buy bigger, they can use dashing instead of it.

Do not shake all the cocktails

Many people tend to have a wrong assumption that all the cocktails should be shaken well before serving. But this is not the fact. All the cocktails should not be shaken. Only certain type of cocktail should be shaken. The cocktail that is made out of spirit and tonic should not be stirred. Instead they should be shaken. In case if the cocktail is made out of ingredients like fruit juice, lime and other related ingredients, it should be shaken well before serving. The people who are making their first cocktail should always have this mind. 


Never ignore garnishing

Many people consider garnishing as an unwanted ingredient and they consider garnishing is done in cocktail just for decoration. But it is not the fact. Garnishing is not only done in order to serve the drink in an impressive way. But garnishing will increase the flavor and will add a refreshing touch to the drink. In most cases, the citrus fruits will be used for garnishing and obviously they are well known for their refreshing quality.

Never pour

Basically the beginners will not be aware of the quantity of mixing. Hence they tend to pour the ingredients without proper measurement. It is to be noted that this is not the right way for making a good cocktail. Each and every ingredient used in the cocktail should be measured before adding. Especially while making the cocktail like pornstar martini one must remain accurate to the quantity of ingredients.