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Choosing the right catering service for your events can be a difficult decision or time consuming, especially when you want to make your event special and work accordingly and also ensure that your event is remembered. Is to keep. Some things you should always look for when researching event caterers, these caterers can be DJs, event staff, design teams, bartenders, and cooks. Being able to employ everything

 At Ido Fishman Catering, we understand that we are your reflection. We understand that the best catering service is one that provides great food, drink, and service without interfering with your event. As a result, we consider ourselves part of your hospitality image and will help you in every way to make your party a hit. If there is anything we can do to appreciate and welcome your guests, we will. We also know that there is no greater appreciation than returning customers to us or referring friends to us. Our goal is to be second to none. We aim to be the best catering company anywhere. We take all this and you very seriously and will strive to be the best catering service you have experienced.

Supported by proven skills and expertise, Ido Fishman Catering is the undisputed brand for believing in catering services for your special days. Be it big Indian weddings, corporate lunches, or events like birthdays, anniversaries, or house parties, your ever-increasing guest list requires your full attention and participation. Our services ensure that your time is not wasted. With a variety of dishes and menus to choose from, Fishman Catering has something for everyone. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party, cocktail party, or the wedding of your dreams, we can help bring your vision to life and provide a customized experience for you.

From your first contact, until your last guest arrives, our award-winning team is committed to helping your event dreams come true.

Formal events and weddings

For weddings, customers will admire the style of dinner, elegant dinner, fundraising, gala dinners, and intimate events, alternative table service with many courses served throughout the evening.

Can plan a fixed menu for their guests or provide some options for the main course. This type of service is best suited for formal events where your guests sit for the majority of the evening.

Casual events and birthday parties

At the opposite end of the sit-down table, service is casual events such as corporate lunches and dinners, office parties, BBQs, birthday parties, and conferences. For casual events, a buffet is your best choice.

Delicious foods, both hot and cold, can be judiciously set in and out so that you can incorporate other speeches, presentations and other productive activities into your speech.

Depending on the menu, there will be servers deployed to help guests, friends, employees, and customers serve themselves as they please, or serve dishes. Just because the buffet does not mean that the food cannot be elegantly presented nor advanced with fresh, seasonal flavors.

Choosing the right catering service can be a difficult decision or time consuming especially when you want to make your event special and work accordingly and also ensure that your event is one to remember. Some special things should be kept in mind.


  • When selecting a caterer consider your individual needs and the size of the event.


Make sure that whoever you hire for your event can handle the number of people you invite. It is also important to consider what you need from your caterer. Sometimes, you may need appetizers and entrees, or simply one versus the other. Your caterer should be able to handle the size of your party without hesitation, revealing all the important details.


  • When choosing catering staff, keep in mind the location of your event.


Location is important. Consider the location (and distance) they will come to complete your event. If they are not often involved in events in your area, they may have difficulty with the venue. Try and find a caterer who knows your location or at least has experience with a similar site. When no one was available on site, we have seen many companies build entire kitchens for their events. If they are not willing to go the extra mile to see that everything meets or exceeds your expectations, this may not be the best fit for your event.


  • Decide how much flexibility you need from the event caterer.


Party planners and hosts have the stressful task of preparing for anything, so it becomes easy for everyone if all parties are as flexible as possible. This is especially true when it comes to food. Allergies and preferences can complicate things, so being a chef who prepares and prepares for these details is important. When interviewing caterers for jobs, ask them about any last-minute pieces that might have to be pulled together to not only get a sense of their creative problem solving and planning abilities But also to see how flexible they are to others.


  • Review the customer of the event caterer before selecting them.


You want to assure that your caterer will follow their promises. The best way to ensure that you have chosen the right caterer is to double-check your sources. If you hear about your caterer through a trusted source, make sure to work with your friends or colleagues. This also applies when you were recommended through a friend. Also, check online sources.


  • Review the costs of the event caterer.


This may sound like an obvious one, but the cost is important, especially since catering costs can be excessive and quick. Be sure to weigh your options, and look for hidden event budget fees. There will always be something to give and take, but you don’t want to go too low or too much. Think about all your expectations, the size of the event, and the weight of the type of food you like, and then what you expect in return.


  • Be sure to find out about the caterer’s food preparation methods.


Make sure to know how the food will be prepared, as well as be distributed if it is being taken offsite. This element should be considered in your event budget, as well as your master event deadline. This is the more economical option for your food cooked offsite, but it only works for certain meals. There are limitations to doing this, but there are also cost-friendly benefits. You may still have a great chef who prepares a dining holiday and one that works perfectly for you but make sure you have a solid understanding of how everything will be done before you say yes.

Decide the number of catering staff you need during your event.

You must have many employees available for your event, which should be able to provide your caterer. You may anticipate the need if there is an unfamiliar area here.

Buffet – assume two servers for every thirty guests. For larger groups, you should also locate two or three additional runners to clear the dishes and resume the chuffing station.

Sit down dinner – For a sit-down meal, you must assume a server from every two tables, handle beverage service with additional servers.

Bar Staff – At least one bartender for every fifty guests, and a bar-back figure. Additional bartenders may be required if you plan special drinking stations.


  • Taste the caterer’s options.


No matter how perfect the details are, no matter how beautiful the pictures are, make sure your potential caterer offers a tasting, especially if you haven’t personally worked with them before. It would be a disappointment to find out that his staff was full of photographers and writers, and a chef on the night of the event.


  • Get a feel for the quality level of the event caterer.


This is a quality that should be expected from any of your vendors, but especially in a caterer. From the aesthetics of the food to the clearly written clauses in your contract, the details are important. Make sure that you and your caterer have discussed everything in the contract so that in the end there are no surprises and all the kinks are working before your event.

Asking the right questions never hurts. Ido Fishman Catering offers impeccable services to believe in catering services for your special days.