Chocolate Cakes That Are A Must Try! 

“If it is easy to resist, it would not be called a chocolate cake.” 

Chocolate cake is one of the oldest cake flavours and the beloved one of all, and not necessarily dessert lovers. The cake layers enrobed in melt-in-mouth chocolate is a crowd-pleaser in any event and never ceases to impress the taste buds and soul. Such is the magic of a chocolate cake that people of all age, gender, creed, religion can’t help but fall in love with this edible paradise. 

Hence; it would not be wrong to say that “Chocolate cake is not a dessert but an emotion.” A delectable emotion that every human yearns to taste it again and over again. 

If your dessert lover soul craves chocolate cake 12 months and 365 days a year, then you would be pleased to know that there are many varieties of this sinful dessert available both online and offline. All you need to do is check the availability of these must try chocolate cake flavours, place the order, choose a delivery slot, click send cake to Delhi, Bangalore or any other city at your doorstep, and relish happiness, without guilt. 

  1. Chocolate Truffle Cake: A single bite of chocolate truffle cake will make you thank the bakers of this cake. Such is the taste and experience of relishing a chocolate truffle cake. A soft sponge cake layered with rich and smooth chocolate and topped with chocolate ganache. It is a delightful experience worth every calorie.
  2. Chocolate Mocha Cake: Why choose, when you can taste love and exoticness in a cake? A chocolate mocha cake, whose every layer promises you a perfect blend of chocolate with coffee. A decadent chocolate cake with the right amount of mocha; hence a perfect treat for the lovers of both chocolate and coffee.
  3. Chocolate Rum Cake: The taste of chocolate rum cake will leave you craving for more. A rich chocolate cake baked with a touch of coffee, vanilla, maple syrup and layered with a smooth frosting of rum makes for an unforgettable treat that no dessert lover can afford to miss.
  4. Chocolate Lava Cake: Every chocolate lover probably dreams of tasting a chocolate lava cake once in a day. A chocolate cake oozing with warm, molten chocolate when you cut it is pure bliss for the eyes, tongue, and soul.
  5. Chocolate Peanut Butter: Sweet + Salt= Divine! A sweet chocolate cake layered with salty peanut buttercream frostings and topped with luscious cherries is a whole lot of goodness that no dessert lover can resist.
  6. Belgian Chocolate Cake: A treat for the dark chocolate lovers. A rich, dense bittersweet Belgian chocolate cake is idyllic for the ones who like their chocolate less sweet– A luxurious decadent that is all about taste and pleasures.
  7. Chocolate Oreo Cake: When the two favourites of dessert lovers, chocolate and Oreos come together in a cake, it becomes synonymous with happiness. A chocolate cake layered and topped with crispy Oreos, Yum!

So these were the seven must-try chocolate cakes for every dessert and non-dessert lover. Because surely you don’t want to regret not tasting them. 

Bon Appetit!