How Long Does Your Favourite Energy Drink Red Bull Last?

Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks on the market. If you have drunk red bull before, you already know that it gives you a bit of caffeinated energy. However, the duration of this energy surge varies from person to person. Usually, the effects of a red bull drink could last between two to four hours.

Many of you want to know how long red bull lasts? In this post, we will answer this question for you. If you love red bull and want to store it to extend its shelf life, you should give this article a read.

How Long Red Bull Last?

Red Bull comes in a sealed can. If the can is an unopened one, it can last up to 24 months to 2 years from the manufacturing date. However, if you have opened the can, it will last only for 5 days, provided that you have stored it in the fridge. Sometimes it can go bad before 5 days as well.

When you store an opened can of red bull in the fridge, it loses its energising properties. If you leave it on the counter, it will last up to two days only.

If you have an opened can of red bull, always store it in the fridge. You should never put it in the freezer, because it may blow up there.

What Happens When You Drink A Red Bull?

Red Bull is a kind of energy drink that is supposed to give you energy after drinking it. You can drink up to two to three cans of Red Bull at once. It has a caffeinated effect on the consumer. The impact of the drink may vary from one person to another.

Red Bull has high sugar content and it has an impact on your body. According to studies, it takes around 12 days for your body to get used to the caffeine that you drink each day. This means if you start drinking Red Bull every day, you most probably won’t see the difference before 2 weeks.

There are many accusations made by experts who have claimed that Red Bull is bad for your health. However, it doesn’t seem to be true. If consumed in moderate amounts, it is not going to affect your body badly.

Red Bull is a great energy drink and you should give it a try. If you have extra Red Bulls, store them in the fridge, but not in the freezer.