Exciting New Foods Make Eating an Adventure

Are you sick and tired of the same old dishes? We all have to eat, but sooner or later, a limited menu makes all food seem unappetizing. If you can’t take another helping of meat and potatoes, spice up your diet with exotic ingredients.

New Meat

Astoundingly, among so many animals, the average American still sticks to the standards of beef, pork, chicken and fish. Meanwhile, many other meats are equally tasty, and frequently more healthy, for consumers who crave a culinary change. For instance, the extraordinary closeness of cows and buffaloes makes bison meat a nearly identical, if leaner, stand-in for beef. In fact, phasing out farm-raised beef for grass-fed bison is encouraged by environmental groups, with lots of restaurants already serving bison burgers.

As for poultry, Coturnix quail meat really does, as the saying goes, “taste like chicken.” Quail is also considerably leaner and more nutritious per serving than chicken, with a flavor that’s naturally bold but not too strong. Canny cooks can swap chicken for quail in any dish, or better yet, seek out specifically quail-based recipes.

Foreign Fruits and Vegetables

For the first time ever, the ease of modern transport allows access to fresh produce from across the globe. Naturally, people might want to take advantage of this abundance. Immigrants bring their native foods and cooking lore from home, followed soon after by experiments at growing imported crops in local soil. The resulting offerings range from unusual breeds of familiar favorites like peppers, cabbage, broccoli and potatoes to novel items such as star fruit, jackfruit, mangosteen and cherimoya.

Nature’s bounty of edible delights is on display at your nearest farmer’s market or specialty grocer’s. Sellers can answer your questions and suggest ideas for your next meal.

In our current age, foods of all varieties are readily available. If you’re craving something completely different, you need only look in the right places. You may find new favorites to make a permanent part of your diet.