How To Use Your Customers’ 5 Senses To Your Advantage, Food

When business owners are crafting their brick-and-mortar locations, many focus on the physical appearance. This is surely very important, but that only covers one of the five senses that your customers may experience while in your business. Whether you run a gym, a boutique, an auto body shop or even an indoor skatepark, you can use the five senses to your advantage.

  1. Taste

Regardless of industry, it’s not uncommon for customers to cut their visit to any establishment short because they are hungry. Make sure you have food available for your customers to keep this from happening. This doesn’t mean you have to provide free food — vending services PA can take care of all the effort for you, including keeping food stocked.

  1. Smell 

Did you know there is an entire industry dedicated to making businesses smell good?  Of course, an establishment with a bad smell will drive people away, but having a noteworthy smell that matches your brand can create positive associations for your customers. For example, a fine men’s clothing store might spritz a subtle leather smell throughout the building to create a masculine-feeling environment, even if there is only a single patent leather couch in the corner.

  1. Touch

Similar to being hungry, if customers are too hot or too cold, they won’t stay as long as they might otherwise. Make sure your business stays at a comfortable temperature.

  1. Hearing

The music you play in your establishment will affect the overall aesthetic and mood — make sure what comes through the speakers is on brand and not too loud.

  1. Sight 

As mentioned in the beginning, this is important — the physical appearance of your establishment will immediately affect how customers interpret your brand and whether you seem credible.

Are you considering all five senses in your store or office? If any of these are lacking in your establishment, make plans this week for how you will remedy that so every customer can have the best experience possible. Always do what you can to impress everyone who walks through the door.

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