5 Unexpected Uses of Air Fryers

If you own an air-fryer, you’re already fully aware of its ability to make healthy alternatives to fried foods. Whether it’s chicken wings, french fries, or just about anything in between, an air fryer can create a deliciously crisp exterior while keeping the inside moist and tender. 

What you may not have realized is that your air fryer can be used to make so much more than healthy fried foods! In this article, we’ll highlight five unexpected uses of air fryers so you can take full advantage of this convenient, calorie-cutting kitchen gadget. 

Check Out These Five Unexpected Ways To Use An Air Fryer! 

Reheating Takeout or Leftovers

Fried foods just aren’t the same the next day. After sitting overnight in the fridge and reheating in the microwave, they’ve lost their crispy exterior and become overcooked in the process. What you’re left with is a soggy, greasy meal that doesn’t have the same wow-factor as it did the night before. 

To keep the original texture of crisp foods like fried chicken or french fries, reheat them using your air fryer. The healthy frying alternative keeps all the crispiness and flavor of your takeout from the night before or leftovers from yesterday’s experiment in the kitchen. 

Frying Egg Rolls 

Traditional egg rolls are high in fat and calories, as they absorb large amounts of oil when deep-fried. To cut calories, try cooking your egg rolls in the air fryer instead. The end result is a crispy shell with a soft, full-cooked filling. You can also use your air-fryer to reheat egg rolls from last night’s takeout. 

Baking Crisp Cookies 

Did you know you can use an air fryer to create baked goods? Yep! Baking cookies in an air fryer results in a crisp exterior and gooey interior. Plus, you won’t need to wait for the oven to preheat or heat up your home on a scorching summer day. 

Be sure to follow a cookie recipe specifically designed for baking in an air fryer, as traditional baked goods require different baking times and temperatures. You can also use an air fryer for baking donuts, cinnamon rolls, hand pies, apple fritters, and countless other delicious desserts.

Air-Fried Ravioli 

If you’ve never eaten fried ravioli, you’re missing out! The light crisp on the breaded ravioli shell creates the perfect contrast to its gooey, cheesy interior. For a healthier version of the indulgent Italian dish, try frying your ravioli in the air-fryer. Serve with warm marinara sauce for an unexpected game day appetizer.

Homemade Potato Chips 

For a lighter take on everyone’s favorite salty snack, try making your own potato chips in the air fryer. They’re crunchy, addictive, and far healthier than their store-bought alternatives. Conventional chips are high in fat, sodium, and empty calories, but air-fried potato chips have just a third of the fat. 

Plus, making your own homemade chips means you can create your own unique flavor combinations. After you’ve perfected traditional potato chips, try a batch of vitamin-packed sweet potato chips.