3 Meal Manners to Teach Your Kids Today

Eating at a restaurant with your family is a special occasion, whether it is to celebrate a special event or just enjoy spending time together. This is a perfect opportunity to show your children how to act in social situations. Use your next visit to family restaurant Newburyport MA as a lesson in some of the essential skills that kids will use for the rest of their lives.

1. Say Please and Thank You

This is a basic but often overlooked pleasantry. It is one you can easily teach by example. When ordering your meal, make sure to ask nicely. When the food arrives, express your gratitude to your server. These little gestures can make all the difference in the world.

2. Use Your Inside Voice

While eating at a restaurant can be exciting, it is important to teach children to talk at an appropriate volume for the setting. If your little one starts to scream or cry, consider taking them outside for a break so they can regain their composure. Often this diversion is all it takes to reset the mood and make sure you and your fellow diners can have a great time.

3. Make Conversation

For older kids, having a meal with others is a wonderful chance to practice talking to others. Consider writing down some discussion starters beforehand and encourage them to use them. If you are eating with people they don’t see often, show them not to be shy. They could make lifelong friends around the dinner table. Everyone likes to be asked how they are doing and have others take interest in their hobbies.

Every meal can be a chance to learn something new, whether it be manners or a new favorite type of food. Encourage your kids to get out of their comfort zone and explore.