Top 5 Japanese Foods You Must Try

If you have no way to travel at the moment, not to worry! Thanks to your selection of local restaurants, you can bring Japan to your own living room by trying Japanese fast food Yuma AZ. If you have never tasted Japanese food, you are in for a treat. That said, you might not know where to start. If this sounds familiar and you are unsure what to order, check to see if one of these must-try traditional Japanese dishes in on the menu.

  1. Sushi

While you have many cuisine options to choose from, sushi is by far the most common type of Japanese food that people consume in the United States. Originally exported to the U.S. in 1868, you can now find thousands of sushi joints scattered throughout the country in practically every city. Usually consisting of rice and raw meat, you can have your choice of salmon, shrimp or tuna, among many other kinds.

  1. Tempura

Calling all fried food lovers! If you love eating crispy foods, this dish is probably the one for you. Consisting of fish or vegetables with a special batter covering, tempura is another popular Japanese dish.

  1. Yakitori

If you like grilled chicken on a skewer, yakitori is right up your alley. Unlike many traditional dishes, this one has been around for a shorter amount of time.

  1. Tsukemono Pickles

For some daikon radish and eggplant mixed with a vibrant visual appeal, look no further than a batch of tsukemono pickles. Not only do these taste great, but they are also very healthy!

  1. Soba

Another dish to look for is soba. Another extremely healthy option, soba consists of buckwheat flour noodles that can come in hot broth or chilled dipping sauce.

The next time you are hungry and wanting to try something new, consider giving your local Japanese fast food restaurant a try. When you do, check to see if any of these famous dishes are on the menu!

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