3 Important Things To Consider When Planning a Baby Shower, Baby Food

Baby showers are one of those extraordinary events in which friends and family get to lavish love on someone they adore. The bundle of joy is on its way, and, in the heat of anticipation, people get to pick up the cutest outfits, toys and decor to welcome this special kiddo. If you plan to host the occasion, consider the following three things.

  1. What Does the Mom-To-Be Need?

A shower is hosted to honor the mom-to-be and help her stock the house for the new little bundle of joy. Of utmost importance, then, be sure to understand what the upcoming family desires. Ask her what she currently has, what she would like, and if she has certain things that are not desired. After all, parents are very different in their approaches. You don’t want to stock up on disposable diapers if mom plans to go cloth. Ask for registry information, and then relay any communications to the guests.

  1. What Do People Want To Eat?

Many showers are around lunchtime, meaning the host is providing at least a light lunch. Sandwiches and quiches do well, along with salads and finger foods. Also, have a mixture of healthy and indulgent treats. Fruit kebabs are a refreshing taste paired with a light green salad and sandwich. Of course, that light fare allows for a lovely sweet dessert as a follow-up. For the occasion, splurge on something special such as a baby shower gift basket that fits the nursery’s theme and the mom’s tastebuds.. Local bakeries can make cakes in Schaumburg IL that are gorgeous and decadent.

  1. Is the Group Interested in Games?

Not every crowd wants to sit around and play games. So do, though. Get a feel for who is coming. If the group needs some interaction, then plan for a few fun things. If everyone is casually talking and no help is required, then converse away. The activities don’t have to happen.

Cherish the day, for it’s a moment of pure celebration. Keep it simple and focus on the momma and her new little joy.