Sip and Save: How to Score Great Deals on Alcohol at Costco

Kirkland brand liquor

Drinking on a budget? Costco is every bargain hunter’s paradise, especially when it comes to scoring sweet deals on beer, wine, and liquor. Whether you’re stocking up for a party or just keeping your own fridge fully stacked, this big-box store has got you covered.

From craft brews to fine wines, Costco offers an intoxicating selection of adult beverages for impressively low prices. But with so many options lining the shelves, how do you know where the real steals are hiding? Grab your cart and let’s embark on a thrift-thrifty tour through Costco’s booze aisles. I’ll be your guide on this happy hour adventure.

First Stop: The Wine Wall of Wonders 

Behold the sprawling wine selection and prepare to have your taste buds dazzled. From California classics to Old World discoveries, Costco tempts with every varietal under the sun. Scan the labels for specifics like Barolo, Amarone, or Riesling to score coveted styles for a fraction of the usual cost. New gems arrive all the time, so don’t be shy about asking for guidance from the wine guides. With so many bottles broken open for daily tastings, they know their stuff.

Avoiding sticker shock on your own? Look for Kirkland’s private label wines and you generally can’t go wrong. Shhh…their Champagne has been known to rival some fancy French names at only a quarter of the price. Now that’s worthy of quiet cheers!

Now Entering: The Spirits Sanctuary 

Lift your glasses to Costco’s hidden treasure trove of liquor deals. Tequilas smoothed by extra aging. Authentic rums from the Caribbean. Even rare Scotch whiskies from renowned distillers across the pond. You name the booze, they’ve got it for less.

Sundays are primetime for scoring serious spirit steals with special weekend sales. Just make sure to glance at those price tags – the markdowns are usually too good to be true. 

If top-shelf taste is still out of budget reach, don’t despair. Kirkland brand liquor is bottled from the exact same distilleries as the biggest luxury names. Take their vodka for instance – it’s filtered using a patented method and rivals Grey Goose while costing half as much. Now that’s my kind of happy hour!

Final Stop: The Craft Beer Paradise

What’s better than an ice-cold IPA after a long day? An ice-cold IPA you snagged for an unbeatable bargain, that’s what! Here in Costco’s beer fortress, craft brew lovers unite to mix and match favorites into dream come true sampler packs. 

Need help navigating the options? Just ask one of the super knowledgeable beer ambassadors. They’ve sipped them all and can point you towards prized picks to suit your taste. Into sours? Ask for tart recommendations. Love a hoppy profile? Say no more. Prefer lagers or stouts? Set your sights on smooth satisfaction. 

Pro Tip: Come on Fridays to snatch up the latest limited-release arrivals before they sell out!

Cheers to Smart Sipping!

Well friends, our bargain booze trail has come to a close. Hopefully you feel equipped to sip both smartly and affordably on your next Costco haul. Just remember to imbibe responsibly and never drink and drive. Luckily, their liquor prices are low enough to stock up without blowing your budget. Now who’s ready for a trip to the Costco food court to close out this booze-filled adventure? Milkshakes on me!