Post-Surgery Recovery: Your Ultimate Guide On What Foods You Should Avoid Eating

With the hustle and bustle milieu people and the world is currently in, not everyone has the time to cook anymore at home, for sure! Instead of mincing ingredients, preparing recipes, sautéing, and all parts of the cooking process, people would turn to their go-to fast food joints, convenience stores, food-delivery mobile applications, or restaurants. While these choices offer convenience, it would still be best to maintain a nutritional diet and get a Tingkat service in Singapore.

People have always believed that eating out and ordering online isn’t healthy and can cause a rough sum on your wallet, but it’s not always like that. If you’re down for a healthier meal option, you should consider trying a Tingkat delivery in Singapore. The cuisine also works best for patients who underwent surgery.

To give you a brief idea of the post-surgery diet and why Tingkat service in Singapore is best for your condition, read on to know more.



A surgeon never forgets to give their patients specific instructions concerning their post-surgery diet. In general, however, you need to avoid foods with low fibre, as these can cause constipation. Some foods to shun are high-fat meats, white potatoes, sugary sweets, dairy products, eggs, and canned veggies. Instead of indulging in these, consider opting for Tingkat catering in Singapore to have a specialised set of foods you can eat modified for your condition.


Most Asians are fond of spicy foods, but if you have just undergone surgery, you need to avoid spicy foods. Surgeons often don’t recommend these, as spicy foods can lead to an upset stomach and curcumin, a component of certain spices, can also interfere with blood clotting and wound healing. Help your post-surgery health recover quickly, and opt for Tingkat dinner delivery in Singapore.


One thing you should also avoid post-surgery is eating highly processed foods. Some of these include syrups and jams, frozen entrées, fast food choices like French fries or burgers, store-bought pastries, sugary drinks, processed meats like cold cuts or sausages, frozen desserts, and the like. These foods are low in fibre and lack nutrients that can help your body heal. So, to speed up your recovery, consider choosing healthy eating. Go for Tingkat delivery in Singapore.


One good reason to get Tingkat service in Singapore is their catered menu, particularly modified to your health needs. One of which is avoiding alcoholic beverages. Drinking liquor together with your pain medicines isn’t advisable. Moreover, it can cause dehydration. As much as possible, keep yourself hydrated to help yourself recover quickly.

Tingkat service in Singapore aims to bring well-balanced, home-cooked meals to your doorstep. These nutritious options utilise less salt and healthier oils and offer menus that change every day. The best thing about the Tingkat menu is they are often dietician-approved and Halal-certified.

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