Mexican cuisine is one of the most adored cuisines in the world, and Mexico has one of the best gastronomies! It blends pre-Hispanic native products and European ingredients, including particular spices like cinnamon, cattle, wheat, milk, and cheese. It is the result of historical techniques that are still used today. Here are the top Mexican flavors to explore:

Chiles En Nogada

Let’s start with Chiles En Nogada, the most patriotic Mexican dish prepared with the national flag’s colors. The ingredients for Chiles En Nogada are green poblano chili peppers filled with picadillo, a blend of meats and spices. A cream sauce made of white walnuts is then drizzled on top. Pomegranate seeds are the final layer to add to the rainbow of hues, giving this delectable Mexican favorite the Mexican flag colors. 


Compressing food between two warm tortillas creates quesadillas, which resemble sandwiches. Quesadillas are a standard item on the menu at Mexican eateries like the Milwalky Taco. In addition to being delicious, these versatile tortillas may be filled with any combination of ingredients. To that end, quesadillas frequently contain steak, cheese, refried beans, and hot peppers, with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa on the side.

Discada (Plow disc barbecue)

A hearty meal from the north, Discada contains a lot of meat, including sausage, chorizo, ground beef, ham, bacon, lard, jalapenos, and onions. It also has black pepper, bay leaf, oregano, celery, thyme, cumin, salt, black sauces, rosemary, and a little dark beer, among other seasonings. This meal is prepared with a plow disc that has been cured before over wood. It is a customary dish for family get-togethers.


A burrito is a cylindrically wrapped flour tortilla filled with various contents, frequently a stew. The Machaca burrito and the fried bean with cheese burrito are the most popular.

Caldo De Queso (Cheese Soup)

Despite having Spanish roots, caldo de queso is a cuisine that is exclusively Mexican and that you shouldn’t miss. However, it may not be suited for lactose-sensitive people due to cheese and milk in this soup. Thick-cut potatoes, fresh cheese, and much love go into making it. Nothing is more reassuring than a hot bowl of this slightly salty, flavorful soup on a chilly day. 


This quick cuisine is a corn tortilla filled with stews, veggies, or proteins, then dipped in spicy sauce, depending on the style. Always anticipate a delightfully spicy kick because enchiladas are en-chili-adas. They come with celery, onion, sour cream, and fresh cheese.

Platáno Frito (Fried Plantains)

Plantains often have a mildly sweet, slightly bitter flavor when eaten uncooked. They could also be thick and chewy. But when you cook them, the tiny yellow nibbles transform into something delicious and delicate that will delight your palate. This Mexican snack is simple to prepare and an excellent choice for people with little time to cook.

Last words

Enjoying the genuine flavors of Mexico is easy with these delectable Mexican meals. Tomatoes, corn, and chili peppers are among the most adored regional elements that they contain.