Different exclusive ways to cook delicious Malay foods

People always try to learn to cook Malay food and interestingly, there are many ways through which you can cook Malay cuisines. In fact, there are many processes of frying, like Saute frying, shallow frying, stir frying, Griddle frying, deep frying, zhibaozha (paper-wrapped deep-frying) etc. A person is also required to apply the processes of steaming in a few recipes that are present in the Malay cuisines. Again, roasting is needed for some cuisines, which is a method recognized as ‘Red Cooking’. Malaysian cuisines happen to be hot and spicy and people who know the proper method of cooking these cuisines make the right use of herbs and spices.

For the purpose of cooking, you need to have a deep pan for deep frying. Again, when you needed to cook rice, you need pots and non-stick pans. Noodles, spicy gravies, and rice tend to be highly common in the cuisines of Malaysia. There are several preparation processes needed for Malay dishes and a few of them tend to be a little tedious as you will be required to be highly careful with the hot spices and chilies that you will use as components in your cuisines.

Malaysian food traditions

Malaysia follows a multicultural society and there are several festivals and traditions that Malay people follow. Nearly 50 percent of the Malaysian population comprises Muslims and so, the chief Islamic events remain linked with Ramadan. Hence, people prepare delicious dishes and desserts this month. The highly prominent Malay festival where huge diversities of the Malaysian cuisines are called Hari Raya Puasa that marks the finishing of Ramadan.

Hari Raya Haji is another traditional festival which marks the finishing of the Hajj that has a couple of days of the feast of sweets and cakes. During the month of Jan or Feb, the Chinese New Year is celebrated and people welcome it with parades, dances, and during this time, sumptuous Malaysian cuisines are served all over. According to the tradition in Malaysia, exotic Malay dishes are served in the festivals and people greet all the customary festivals with delicious Malaysian food.

The special equipment used for a Malay cooking

There isn’t any special equipment that people need for Malaysian cuisines as noodles and rice make up the regular diet of the Malaysians. When you wish to enjoy mouthwatering Malaysian dishes in the customary Malay method, then it would be a bad idea to have some chopsticks. The utensils that are usually found in the kitchens all over the world are ovens, deep frying pans, stoves, and much more.