4 Foods Produced With Large Blenders

Manufacturing processes generally involve the use of large and heavy machinery, whether the products being made are car parts, furniture, appliances, or something else. Often, certain foods are produced with the assistance of these machines. Here are four foods that are produced with large blenders.

1. Coffee

The mass-produced coffee commonly seen on grocery store shelves is often made with an industrial mixer. Coffee comes in several pre-ground varieties, including fine, medium, and coarse. The type of grounds used often correlates to the type of coffee being prepared. For example, cold brew coffee requires coarse grounds, while espresso calls for fine coffee grounds. Coffee can also be blended on a smaller scale at home, but pre-ground coffee offers more convenience.

2. Pet Foods

Pet foods require large blenders to grind the meat to a consistency that can be enjoyed by all pets, from large dogs to small cats and kittens. Dry food, as well as wet food, requires the blending of certain ingredients that are important to the nutrition of furry friends.

3. Sauces

Sauces, such as the variety that goes on pizza, pasta dishes, and the kind that people dip chips into, are produced in large machines. Sauces often contain large amounts of tomatoes, water, and spices, and should be mixed to the desired consistency. For example, chunky tomato sauces are often used on spaghetti, but a thinner sauce is most often used on pizza. Salsa, used for chips and tacos, may also contain various types of pepper for added spiciness.

4. Candies

Sweet candies are often very sticky and require more manpower than most foods to blend into a smooth consistency for consumption. Popular types of candy include chocolate bars, candy canes, licorice pieces, and saltwater taffy. 

The next time you enjoy one of these four foods, consider the manufacturing process that made them palatable.