Tips for Preparing and Cooking Kosher Food in a Non-Kosher Kitchen

If you want to prepare and cook kosher food but the kitchen is non-kosher, the first thing you should do is ensure that all the pans, pots, plates, and others that the food will touch while it is still hot should be kosher. It means you will need to either buy new pans and pots, pans, and knivesor bring your own. Koshering pans and pots is more trouble than it is worth for just a temporary situation.


It is very easy to kosher microwaves since the way they work is that they make the food heat itself instead of applying heat to it. It means that the floor and walls don’t often get hot enough to be an issue.

The only possible problem is the steam. This means you have tomake sure that it is clean and was unusedfor the past 24 hours. You should then fill a microwave-safe cup halfway with water with a bit of dish soap. You can microwave it for several minutes until steam fills up the inside of the microwave. You can also cook in a non-koshered microwave as long as you use plastic todouble wrap the food.

You can find lots of creative microwave recipes online, but you might be limited by the available ingredients. If you lack access to a stovetop, you can also use a microwave-safe container for cooking polenta, pasta, beans, rice, or poaching eggs.


When it comes to ovens, it is important that they are sparkling clean on the inside for them to be considered kosher. It is not easy to clean an oven that thoroughly, particularly if it is used regularly. Of course, the only exception here are self-cleaning ovens that will self-kosher every time they self-clean.

In order to kosheryour oven, you have to ensure there are no crumbs or bits of food on the inside at all, which include the ceiling and walls of the oven. The process may require heavy scrubbing and an oven cleanerand turn it on its highest heat for one to two hours.

If you couldn’t be bothered to do this or can’t do this in the first place, you can still use your oven for cooking things, although it might get a bit more complicated.

The surest and easiest way to get around the issue is to double-wrap things in aluminum foil before cooking them. That is, in an aluminum pan with foil covering, for example,you can use another layer of foil around the entire thing. It is how airlines serve kosher meals on airplanes. All the thingsshould be heated must be double wrappedwhich can therefore be put in the oven together with the non-kosher food.


Since stoves apply heat directly to the pan or pot, these more or less kosher themselves. Since their contact with the pan or pot is on the outside, which is often dry, there is less of a problem to begin with. With an electric or gas stove, you can turn on the burnersto the highest heat for several minutes, and you will be good to go. You can be extra careful by using foil to cover the grates of the gas stovetop.

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