The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Food Storage Containers for Your Kitchen

No matter the size of your household, you can’t go wrong with a set of thoughtfully designed containers that wipe clean and have considerate storage features. These include airtight seals, lids that snap into place, and stackable bins for optimal organization.

Whether your pantry is unorganized or needs a makeover, the right food storage container sets will help you shop more efficiently and avoid pantry pests.


Various food storage containers are available in different sizes and materials. The right setting depends on the amount and types of foods you store. For example, investing in larger containers is a good idea if you need to store bulk ingredients like flour or rice.

Another consideration is whether you want recycled or reusable glass containers. Plastic is cheaper but doesn’t hold up as well to heat, while glass containers are more durable and look better on countertops.


GoodCook food storage containers come in many sizes, from small to extra-large. The size depends on what you’ll be storing and how much space you have in your kitchen. If you regularly stock your pantry with bulk ingredients, like all-purpose flour, rice, and nuts, you might prefer larger containers that make it easy to see when you’re running low or empty.

Consider square or rectangular containers that stack easier if you want something more compact. They also save space in your cabinet or fridge.

Glass containers are more likely to resist stains and odors than plastic, making them an excellent choice for storing dry foods like cereal. These containers are safe for microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, and freezers and feature snap-lock lids that keep contents fresh.


Whether you’re looking for a pup-proof storage solution for dog food, a container to help your baking ingredients last longer, or a way to organize pantry items like flour and pasta, the shape of your container is essential. Considering your location (such as your countertop or a cabinet) and your kitchen setup will help you choose the size, shape, and other specifications you need.

For example, if you want to avoid air and light exposure while you store ingredients for an extended period, look for containers with a vacuum seal lid. These canisters use old-school know-how and 21st-century technology to eliminate the air in your container, preserving freshness and keeping foods from spoiling. They are more expensive than other options but are worth the investment for long-term storage. Similarly, some containers have a built-in vent for air circulation, making them suitable for refrigerator storage. These containers are typically round and can be purchased in various sizes to suit your space.


A great food storage container has a lid that seals tightly to prevent spills. It also needs to be easy to open and close, and it should lock into place when closed. Look for snap closures, vacuum seal lids, and silicone ring seals that ensure freshness and safety. Canister-style containers work best for flour, sugar, and other pantry staples that need long-term storage. They have large openings that make it simple to measure ingredients, plus secure lids to keep pests out and air in.