The Finer Options for the Best Bagpipe and More

(Precision all the same important, we use the La as a reference to compare the chanters because it is commonly used as a benchmark in music, the bagpipe chanter “440Hz” is good in Bb (like almost all Scottish bagpipe chanters “modern”).

Chanter McCallum Bagad

She is the star of the Ti arsonerien store. The chanter Bagad was specially designed for the Bagadoù. It is “pitched” around 444Hz-448Hz. Today widespread, the singer McCallum Bagad and played by almost all of the best Bagadoù in Brittany. The chanter McCallum Bagad has a particularity, it is equipped with pellets which are used to make the alterations of Réb and Solb. We use them a lot in the Breton repertoire. To buy bagpipes for sale you need to have the best deal now.

The chanter McCallum McC²

The singing soloist par excellence

The chanter McCallum McC² was developed by Willie McCallum . Willie McCallum is currently the most successful bagpipe soloist in the world. The singing McC² is amazing since it is quite different from the usual McCallum singing in terms of projection and balance. It is softer than the usual chanters (Pipe band and Bagad) and very homogeneous over its entire scale.

  • The McC² singer is the ideal singer if you want to perform as a soloist. The chanter McC² is pitched around 448Hz-450Hz. With kilt belt buckle on amazon you can find the best choices now.

The Sing McCallum Pipe Band

The chanter McCallum pipe band has not stopped evolving since the creation of McCallum Bagpipes. He is the best-selling singer in the McCallum range. As its name suggests, this chanter is intended for the practice of the pipe band. He is the sharpest of the McCallum 454Hz-458Hz chanters .

The latest evolution of chanter McCallum is chanter MK3. It is powerful, shiny, balanced and very easy to anchor.

Sing it McCallum in C

It’s a sing apart

Chanters in C are mainly used in Brittany, with bagpipes in C. The chanter McCallum in C was created for bagadoù and couple ringers thanks to the contribution of Hervé le Floc’h and Sylvan Hamon. Singing it in C is currently played by the best bagadoù in Brittany.

The chanter Campbell adjustable

McCallum and Campbell developed a revolutionary chanter equipped with an adjustment wheel . This system was created in order to allow the piper to tune without having to bring out his song and without having to move his scotches too much. The Campbell chanters are available on all models (pipe band, bagad, 440Hz).

Our opinion: Although the idea is more than interesting, in practice the Campbell system changes the performance and balance of the chanter.

Here is a summary table of the different McCallum chanters divided according to their pitch (frequencies):

  • Sing 440 Hz
  • Sing Bagad
  • Sing McC²
  • Sing Pipe Band MK3
  • Frequency of tonic Sib1 (Low A)
  • 466Hz – 468Hz
  • 470Hz – 474Hz
  • 474Hz – 478Hz
  • 481Hz – 485Hz
  • Frequency of the sub-tonic La1 (Low G)
  • 440Hz – 442Hz
  • 444Hz – 448Hz
  • 448Hz – 452Hz
  • 454Hz – 458Hz

So which model to choose?

Different criteria have to be taken into account when choosing a song , the sound , the power , the balance , the height , the brightness , the ergonomics the fact that it is easy to play and to anchor .

If you have no idea what to choose, listen and see what the best soloists and bands are using. If they have made this choice, there is a good reason.

The game context

Another simple criterion that can guide your choice, the game context:

If you want to be accompanied by other instruments * and make a concert then prefer to sing it McCallum 440Hz , if you want to play in Bagad or more generally accompany bombards then opt for singing Bagad , if you want to make the soloist singing McC² will be the most suitable. Finally, prefer to sing MK3 if you play in Pipe band or if you are a beginner and do not plan to sound with bombards or with other instruments.