Hints For choosing the best minibars for hotels

Have you decided to open a business, and you don’t know which are the best minibars for hotels?  There are various things to put in consideration while choosing mini bars. The aspects that are most valued when defining these machines by hoteliers and restaurateurs are the following:

1.- The capacity

The first thing you should keep in mind to choose the best minibars for hotels is that the capacity should be the minimum that your business requires. Keep in mind that the greater the internal volume of the closet, the greater the energy consumption.

2.- Its low consumption

Due to the new European regulations, hotel minibars must be certified with an energy efficiency of at least type “C”. However, lately it is increasingly common to find models with category A, which are more energy efficient.

3.- The cooling system

This is one of the fundamental points, and it is that, as for the cooling system, you can choose between three different types of the best minibars for hotels.

Absorption minibars

These first are gas- cooled (they have a coil-shaped grid).


  • They are completely silent, which makes them the best option for a hotel, since they do not disturb the rest of the clients.
  • They decrease their temperature (with respect to the outside temperature) up to 18 °.
    For example, if the room temperature is 23 °, the minibar will decrease its temperature to 5 °.
  • They can reach a minimum indoor temperature of 2 ° C.
  • They do not need cleaning maintenance , since they do not have a fan.


  • The energy consumption is very large.
  • It is not as efficient as other models

Thermoelectric Minibars

This second type of best minibars for hotels has a Peltie hob with two fans , one that expels the internal heat to the outside and the other that introduces the cold generated by the hob.


  • It is the cheapest type of minibar .
  • They decrease their temperature (with respect to the outside temperature) up to 18 °.
  • They are capable of reaching a minimum interior temperature of 2ºC .
  • Although they are not totally silent (30 db), they can be placed in a hotel room without disturbing noise.
  • Energy consumption is less than the absorption minibar as they are of class C .

Compressor Minibars

The third type of the best minibars for hotels according to their refrigeration system, is the compressor, which cools thanks to a motor-driven system (just like domestic refrigerators).


  • It is the type that cools the most, since it drops to 0 °. In them, the ambient temperature does not influence.
  • Its energy consumption is low. They are A + certified .
  • They do not need maintenance.
  • Its cooling system takes up less space , therefore, it has greater internal capacity.


  • Of all the models, it is the loudest . But, with the latest improvements applied today, the noise level is controlled to an acceptable level.
  • They are more expensive than the Absorption and Thermoelectric models.

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