Easy Ways to Boost Height Among Kids

It is often the dream of parents to watch their kids grow up tall and strong. This is because both the parameters are recognized as symptoms of sound health. No wonder, why parents often go off-limits to ensure their kids grow up to be tall and healthy. While some kids grow up taller than what their kin were during their respective childhood, some do not attain a good height like their peers.

If you too are concerned about your child’s height and aren’t satisfied with the results of the height weight age chart for kids, then here are some of the best ways to help your child reach the desired height.

An Overall Balanced Diet Goes A Long Way in Contributing to Your Kid’s Height

The ideal to make sure that your child succeeds in reaching the optimum height is by serving him good nutrition. A balanced diet must include a mixed-bag of vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, and proteins in good proportion. Also, keep an eye on your child and stop them from consuming unhealthy foods and too many aerated drinks. Zinc, as per experts has been seen to bring a massive impact on your kid’s height. 

So, try implementing foods that are rich in zinc like squash seeds and peanuts. A balanced diet doesn’t only supply your kids with the right dosage of nutrients but also contributes to increasing their health and making them feel stronger from inside out.

Encourage Them to Do Stretching Exercises

The simplest stretching exercises can bring about a huge impact on the height of your kids. Teach your little ones about the simple exercise which can have the height growth facilitated in their body. The exercises involving stretching can help improve the posture in your kids and elongates the spine. Involve your kids in regular stretching exercises and use an online growth tracker for kids along with it to see the results.

Hanging is Linked with Height Increase

Hanging for height increment has been suggested for decades. If you have access to parks or have a lawn outside, install simple bars at a height and ask your children to hang on them. You can bring bars and place them inside your house as well, in case you do not have access to parks or lawns, or if you happen to stay inside an apartment.

 Besides regular hanging, you can also encourage your kids to do regular chin-ups and pull-ups, both of which are responsible for strengthening the back and arm muscles. 

Motivate Your Kids to Do Yoga

Practicing yoga includes ample balance and stretching, both of which are great for the height of your kids. Ensure that your kids do some kind of yoga asanas like the tree pose, chakra asana, and Surya namaskar. Try sitting with your kids when they do, and this can render them with some inspiration. 

Apart from all of the mentioned points, you can also inspire your kids to join swimming classes, get sufficient sleep, and do skipping to attain the desired height on the height weight age chart for kids.