Dutch Oven Cooking for Camping: Dos and Don’ts

Dutch ovens are definitely a great blessing for all people who go camping quite frequently. In fact, with a Dutch oven, a camper can enjoy cooking without the need of electricity. No doubt, the food prepared in the Dutch ovens really comes out well. Hence, you can serve some delicious food to all your friends or family who are camping with you. Using the Dutch oven for the first time? If ‘yes’ is your answer, then here are some dos and don’ts that you should definitely look at!


  • Keep the lid very tight to ensure that the heat and moisture doesn’t escape out. Remember that, heat and moisture play a very important role in making your food tasty.
  • Choose Dutch ovens with short legs always than choosing the one with a flat bottom for your camp cooking. The reason behind this is short legs support Dutch oven better while cooking over a campfire or charcoal.
  • Season this oven before using it for non-stick cooking. It will be also easy to clean post cooking by doing this activity before using it.


  • Don’t use butter for seasoning your oven.
  • Avoid using soap to clean your Dutch oven. Simply clean it with water and pat it dry with a soft cloth or a piece of paper and then do the seasoning.
  • Never open the lid multiple times while cooking your food as this can provide a way for heat and moisture to escape out, and your food may not turn out the way you expected. This is the reason you should avoid opening the lid multiple times when cooking.
  • Avoid over-heating your oven, if you want to enjoy some delicious food. Remember that, if you overcook your food, it may not be tasty. Food will actually taste better when you cook it properly without rushing up. Understand that both undercooking and overcooking the food is of no use. It can spoil your whole dish. Hence, stay patient while cooking.
  • Never pour cold water in your hot oven otherwise this can result in cracks.
  • Never drop your oven as it may break. It may also hurt your foot as well. Hence, make sure that you handle it very carefully. Keep it away from your kids.

Hope this content helped you to get a better idea about what to do and what not to do while using the Dutch ovens. Fed up of trying the same recipes every time at your campsite? If you are planning for camping with your kids then make sure that you plan for some interesting dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kids always expects for something new every time, especially when it comes to food.

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Enjoy your camping this time with some interesting and delicious Dutch oven recipes!