Best Barley Recipes

Barley is rich in fibre and it has a toasty chewy taste that goes well with absolutely anything. In this article I highlight some of the best barley recipes which you should try out at home. They will be packed with a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

Best barley recipes for breakfast

Barley porridge with honeyed plums

NB: this recipe serves 4 people and you will need 1 cup of uncooked barley, a cup of almond milk, ¼ cup of cardamom, a pound of plums and 5 teaspoons of honey.

This is one of the best barley recipes for breakfast. You can just cook your barley using the instructions on the packaging. Once done drain any excess water and add almond milk to the pot and also cardamom. Stir these ingredients over low heat and add a pinch of salt and 2 tablespoons of honey. Continue stirring all these ingredients until they are nice and warm. In a separate pan combine plums, honey and water and cook over low heat until they form a nice syrup. This can take you about 8 to 12 minutes. Serve the cooked barley porridge with honeyed syrup. You will definitely enjoy it and it will leave you feeling energized.

Best barley recipes for lunch or dinner

Barley salad

NB: for this recipe you can make as much barley salad as you like but make sure that you also use a lot of vegetables and herbs just to elevate the flavours.

For this recipe you need to start by cooking the barley separately and when it is done that is when you can use it to make the salad. For the barley salad mix the cooked barley with red and yellow bell peppers. Also add parsley garlic and other herbs so that the salad can look bright and appetising. This is actually one of the best and easiest recipes for barley.

Barley stuffed peppers

This is also one of the best barley recipes. Instead of using rice to stuff the bell peppers you can use cooked barley. It will add a nice chewy nutty flavour to the dish.  For this recipe you have to start by cooking the barley separately. You can follow the direction on the packaging. Once the barley is cooked transfer it into a bowl. Stir fry mushrooms and also add them to the bowl which contains barley. Add mozzarella and parmesan cheese then mix all the ingredients together before stuffing them into the bell peppers.Bake the stuffed bell peppers for about 20 minutes before serving them.

Oxtail soup with onions and barley

This is also another good recipe that you should try out. You can cook the oxtail soup first then add the cooked barley. It will really add a chewy nutty flavour to the soup which is very delicious.


Barley can be easily found in grocery stores. Barley can be used to make a number of dishes. You can actually find a lot of dishes that incorporate barley but the article has only highlighted 4 of the best, which you should try out.