3 Warming Beverages To Brighten Your Day, Coffe and Tea

Needing a lift? There’s nothing like a tasty beverage to brighten your day. Hot or cold, they’re an essential part of your nutrition and self-care. Keeping your beverage with you is also a great way to ground yourself in your ever-changing life. Wanting to add more of the pleasures and benefits of beverages to your daily routine? Read on for some ideas. 

  1. High-Quality Coffees

A large percentage of people drink coffee regularly. Whether it’s caf or decaf, coffee has a unique, satisfying taste that comes in many variations. You might go for the simple type right out of a regular coffee maker, or want to get a little fancier. Curious about some delicious options? Try a search using terms such as private label specialty coffee Michigan to find the right variety for you. 

  1. Herbal Teas

Herbal teas have a long tradition in the worlds of ritual, healing, and communion. It’s a great idea to keep some of your favorites on hand to fit your mood and physical needs. There are many more herbal teas than the ones you normally see on the grocery shelf; do a little research to find a few. If you have significant medical issues or are on strong medication, get clearance from your health practitioner first. 

  1. Savory Drinks

Drinking bone broth is popular these days, and if you add a few spices to it, you’ve got a savory drink that also comes with nutritional benefits. It’s sort of a mix between a drink and a soup. In the cooler months, savory drinks are wonderful around a cozy fire or packed in a thermos when you’re on a hike. 

Whatever the time of year, warming beverages add a feeling of pleasure and well-being to your day. Keep some on hand for a soothing, delicious break!