How To Bake Your Delicious Sourdough At Home

Complete your dough starter kit by taking your sourdough bread to the next level. No more weak and plain supermarket flour! The taste and the difference between using high-quality and high-protein sourdough flour can be in one. There’s no comparison! Sourdough is fresher and higher in protein content. It is a perfect dough to bake this kind of delicious and strong loaves of bread. You Knead Sourdough is the same flour as the dried sourdough starter.

What is sourdough?

A sourdough is great for beginners and experienced bakers. The sourdough bread has starter kits and baking tools used to knead to create sourdough bread. Sourdough bread is made by fermentation of dough using yeast and wild lactobaccillaceae. The lactic acid from fermentation may impact the sour taste and enhance keeping qualities. 

Sourdough is a part of the history of baking. It is one of the most aged forms of grain fermentation. The experts believed that sourdough originated in ancient Egypt. It remained the primary method to leaven bread until the yeast was replaced. The pieces of bread are categorized as unleavened or leavened.

Leavened bread is a dough that rises because of the gas released, it happens when the grain in the dough starts fermentation. Most of these leavened bread used commercial baker’s yeast helping the dough rise.

Indeed, sourdough is a leavened bread. But, using baker’s yeast to rise, leavened by wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, naturally present in the flour.

What is wild yeast?

Wild yeast is more invulnerable to acidic conditions compared to baker’s yeast, which will allow it to work together with the lactic acid bacteria to aid a dough’s rise. Lactic acid bacteria are naturally found in some other fermented, including:






The mix of wild yeast, flour, lactic acid, and bacteria, water used in making sourdough bread is called the starter kit. In the bread-making process, the sourdough starter ferments the sugars in the dough. Once it happens, it helps the bread rise and get the desired distinctive flavor. Sourdough bread naturally contains changing levels of acetic acid bacteria, which is a group of bacteria that give sourdough bread a precise vinegar-like aroma.

What makes sourdough a special bread?

Sourdough bread contains higher levels of:




Also, it contains lower levels of phytate and allows the body to absorb nutrients contained in the bread, which allows the body to absorb nutrients more easily than in regular bread.

What makes it more nutritious?

Indeed, sourdough bread is more nutritious compared to natural bread. Sourdough bread is made from the same flour as regular bread. But, the fermentation process is used for baking an improved nutrition profile in various ways.

So, this is the explanation that makes sourdough bread more nutritious than any other bread or dough.