Four popular types of pizzas around the globe

Since its discovery in Italy, pizzas have gone through major changes to become a dish that most of the people around the globe loves today. The word pizza is originated from the word pita that means pie. It consists of core things, such as sauce, dough, and toppings.  This simple dish comes in hundreds of variations and types, serving up delicious slices to eaters. There are countless number of pizza-makers and chefs who specialize in creating the perfect dish. Considering the worldwide industry, it can be hard to decide what style of pizza to choose. The below list sheds some knowledge about the most popular pizzas found in different areas around the globe.

Neapolitan pizza

The original Neapolitan pizza introduced in Naples, Italy made its way to the United States by its Italian immigrants. Fondly loved by most American, delicious pie dates back to 18th century in Italy.  The dough is formed by typical wheat flour and crust is made crunchy and thin, originally baked in wood-fired oven. Usually it has minimal toppings like mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and basil. Today, one can find many variations of Neapolitan pizza as given below.

Marinara: Features virgin olive oil, oregano, garlic, and tomatoes.

Margherita: Popular choice comes in virgin olive oil, basil, sliced mozzarella, and fresh tomatoes.

New York style pizza

With its crispy outer crust, large foldable slices, New York style pizza is one of the famous regional pizzas in America. Originated from Neapolitan-style, this pizza has mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, with additional toppings from anchovies, mushroom, pepperoni to sausage. Just like its counterpart Neapolitan, this pizza has to be cooked in a coal or wood burning oven.  The additional topping such as red pepper flakes, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, and oregano makes it unique and authentic.

California Style

It uses a dough base quite similar to New York style and Neapolitan; California style pizza jazzes up the surface with uncommon and unusual ingredients. Invented by Chef Ed LaDou who created a pizza with pate, mustard, red peppers, and ricotta in the early 1980s, is loved by all. California style is known for its signature barbeque chicken pizza in nationwide.

Chicago Deep Dish

The deep-dish pizza is quite thick and accommodates a large layer of toppings. It uses a spicy sauce, meats, cheese, and vegetables on top of the crust.

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