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The Top Seafood Restaurants in Norway

If you are visiting Norway in the near future, you are probably thinking about trying some delicious food. Even though Norway has a wide variety of restaurants that provide a delicious menu, you cannot pass up the opportunity to try some fresh seafood. The seafood in Norway is some of...

How to create an attractive menu based on golden breaded chicken?

Coated chicken delights with its crispiness and golden color. Juicy meat, distinctive flavour... American style chicken in a golden, crispy and appetisingly frayed coating. Who does not love it? It is loved by both children and adults.  Perfect for salads, sandwiches and as a separate dish. The perfect basis for...

Boost Your Health for the Better with Halal Meat

There are some heated debates when it comes to the different health benefits between halal meat and conventional meat. Halal basically means permissible. When it comes to meat or food, the term halal pertains to meat reared, slaughtered, processed then prepared following the dietary regulations of Islam. Once applied to...